1. mollyjames

    Is it safe to travel India or Iran during Covid 19 ?

    Hi. I travelled to Iran & India 3 years ago and both of countries were amazing. I wanted to ask you Is it safe to travel Iran & India during corona virus? or I should wait until the end of this illness ?
  2. N

    Exhilarating roadtrip from Mumbai to Coorg with my favourites (Dec 2019)

    ROADTRIP - one word that rings a bell and your heart is elated like a kid. And I finally got a chance to make good of this in December 2019. The Ultimate Loop Planning Roadtrips are an excellent opportunity to explore cities, towns, villages and sceneries which otherwise we miss out during...
  3. P

    Delhi to Muktinath Road Trip

    We recently completed a road trip to Muktinath, Nepal. Compiled the video of Day 1.
  4. A

    Proffesional radio communication in India (radio tranking systems and IoT).

    Hello everyone! I have a quastion for people who live in India and know it. Can you write the companie's names that provide services or produce professional radio communications (radio tranking systems and IoT) in India. It can be local companies or the large wolrd companies that placec in...
  5. life1style1

    In the land of Konyaks:The Tattooed headhunters of Nagaland

    The Konyak tribe, once notorious for their headhunting and famous for their facial tattoos, lives in the remote North East India along the Indo-Myanmar international border in Nagaland.For centuries these lands were isolated because of fearsome headhunting practices.The tattooing art of the...
  6. viveksheelsingh

    Solo Ride to Kinnaur - March 2018

    A bit of a hiatus (an year - give or take a month or two) in the riding schedule had ensued due to personal reasons, and I was intent on planning to ride solo again with a pressing sense of urgency. March of this year (2018), the opportunity presented itself and was grabbed with both hands -...
  7. shayleehnetinka

    This is Shay Lee Hnetinka and how can make my best vacation?

    My name is Shay Lee Hnetinka and I'm just planning a vacation with my 4 Friends for 1 week, so what things to do in India, that could be make memorable for us, because we have no idea of best places, hotels and best budget, please help me guys to know, how can we make our best vacation in India?
  8. asheshr

    Olive Ridley - Arribada

    Olive Ridley - Arribada Turtles laying the eggs. Returning to the sea I did not know of the name Olive Ridley when I first saw the turtles in the early nineties. We were on a picnic to Chandrabhaga beach near Puri where I first saw them in plastic containers. It was a wow moment for all...
  9. ManjuK

    Kerala-Tamil Nadu - West coast- Food Drive

    I was planning for a vacation and a drive along the coast came to my mind, I wanted to do this from a long time. My friends Praveen and Alan were my company. We know each other from school days at least 25 years now and we are all foodies. We decided that we will go on a food drive. The agenda...
  10. Sayantan.geo

    Romantic Udaipur: the city of lake and love (with pics)

    Romantic Udaipur: the city of lake and love We wondered for a month on how to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Many go for five star dinners, some invite friends and some buy precious metals. We considered all the above options but they were not of ‘our type’. So finally we did what we...
  11. S

    Lohagad Monsoon Trek - A must do! (Photolog)

    Lohagad Monsoon Trek - A must do! Lohagad Fort Lohagad is located near a small village called Malavli which is close to Lonavala. The distance from Thane is 110 kms. Lohagad fort trek is considered to be one of the easy treks. One can drive till the base of the fort from where it takes 20...
  12. alisa

    Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary (Part-I)

    A sanctuary in eastern highland region, covering it with lush green dazzling deciduous forest, was my destination for the day- the Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary. Googled, binged, searched rigorously to find out more about it, but got nothing. Hence the ultimate solution to know about a place is to...
  13. Leo Pandey

    Mumbai is a part of West India Tooo...!!!! Read..Watch...Suggest!!

    Hey BCMtians..Wassup..!! Hope you guys keep travelling, exploring & sharing content as always..!! Here goes a bit from my part too Been a while noticing, not many people write or log anything about Mumbai...!!! I mean isn't Mumbai also a part of West India too...? So this log goes to all the...
  14. adithya bharadwaj

    Round the World Trip without Visa?

    Is New Delhi - Sydney - Vancouver - Toronto - Dubai - Chennai round the world trip possible with just transit visa?
  15. richaverma

    Need suggestions for Guwahati and Shillong trip

    Hello People Thanks for visiting this page. I have high hopes that i will get the right suggestions here. I have booked round trip to Guwahati. I will reach there on Dec 21 at 8 am and have a return flight at 6:10pm on Dec 25. Please suggest what all places I can cover in this much time. I...
  16. yami_frank

    Is This a good trip plan?

    Hi I want to backpack by myself around the south of India My main goals on this journey are to jungle treck, see some temples and go to an ashram. Money for the journey (flights apart) : 900£ Planning to stay 1 month. Arrive: 10th jan airport kochi. Leave: 10th feb airport Goa Stop by: -Munar...
  17. sakshar

    Alto Almighty: 1.7 years and 60000 Km and counting

    Introduction: I have started motoring on four-wheels since last two years. Prior to that, my one and only love have been two -wheelers, which are still my preferred choice while riding on the wheels. However, I have been looking for a four-wheeler which can be used for commuting to office as...
  18. Shiva Sharma

    Delhi to South India By Road Jan 2017.

    Hello evryone, I am planning this trip in Coming Jan 2017 with my 2 brother on VERNA crdi 2012. We 3 are good driver. This Trip is Close To my heart. Looking here for experts to throw light on itinerary and route condition with some guidance (especially down south) on route and some of things to...
  19. manu_maverick

    solo cycle trip of India

    Hi, i am going to start my cycle tour to all the 29 states of india covering 15000 kms. I have finalized the route : Delhi - Jaipur -Indore - Gandhinagar - daman & diu - Dadra & Nagar haveli - Mumbai - Goa - Thiruvanantpuram - kanyakumari - puducherry - chennai - Banglore - Hyderabad - Raipur -...
  20. castus

    असीम (Boundless)

    In our society, it is not that easy for a woman, living with her family, to attempt a solo trip. Especially when the itinerary included some very remote villages in the Kashmir valley. Something no regular tourist will ever imagine doing. This is a chronicle of one unplanned and barefoot trip to...