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    Suggestions for Naggar & Manali Trip

    Hi, I'm trying to plan a trip to Naggar & Manali with 4 Days in Hand in last week of Sept'2019. Itinerary as of on planned: 1) Leaving from Delhi on 27th-Sep night in Volvo. ( I have a question here which one is better volvo (HRTC or HPTDC) when accompanied with Toddler , whats the difference...
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    Inputs needed for an Uttarakhand road trip

    Just signed up. Doing a road trip after many years. And so, a bit of a trepidation. But the excitement is more. Realised I need to prepare thru it in a more structured manner that just a Jio connection with Google maps. And so, shout out to anybody who has done it before. 1. May. 13 days...