1. shankarmayaa

    Looking for Snow in the First Week of December '21

    Hi All, Posting here after a long time. I wish to see snow in the first week of December. Himachal, Uttarakhand are the two states I have in Mind. Not looking to go to Kashmir. Thank you in advance for suggestions. Cheers, Shankar
  2. T

    Pune to Northeast - Route suggestions

    Planning for road trip to Northeast in XUV500 in May 19. Need suggestions on which route to take. Pune -> Nagpur -> Raipur -> Kharagpur -> Kolkata -> Siliguri Pune -> Nagpur -> Raipur -> Ranchi -> Siliguri Pune -> Hyderabad -> Vijayawada -> Vizag -> Kolkata -> Siliguri Is it safe to drive in...
  3. G

    Nanital-Mukteshwar-Peora Trip in December

    I am planning a family trip in end December (5 day trip) to visit nanital, Mukteshwar & Peora. Could you please help me with following questions 1. Is it good time to visit these places in December? 2. Will the road condition on hills be good to self-drive? 3. Is the below itinerary make sense...
  4. Motopsycho

    Expert Opinion on Leh Trip in September

    Hi Travelers, We are planning to do an extensive road trip from Kerala to Leh, starting on August 15th. Though we are aware of the routes and roads till Delhi, none of us have ventured to Leh so far. We have prepared itinerary for two options and both are attached below. We request you to...
  5. Jason Byrne

    Noida-Ladakh Trip Itinerary - Aug'18

    I plan to do a 10 day road trip with my wife in an XUV500 from Noida to Leh and back in August 2018 and have prepared the below itinerary. Day 1 - Noida-Manali (RefuelAt Manali) Day 2 - Manali-Sarchu Day 3 - Sarchu-Leh(Tank Up At Leh) Day 4 - Leh-Warshi (Stay At Warshi) - 7-8 hours of driving...
  6. Chaitanya Sunil Patil

    Ladakh bike ride itinerary suggestions - July 2018

    Hi all, I'm planning for Jammu - Srinagar - Ladakh - Manali ride this July. We are 6 people on 4 bikes. The dates are Sat 7th July to Sun 22nd July (Mumbai to Mumbai). I've prepared the following itinerary. Please go through it & tell me if it is ok. Sat - Mon = Mumbai to Jammu train Mon =...
  7. rohitbhat

    Help in correcting itinerary for Kerala in monsoon

    Dear all, Namaste. Well, I have been to Kerala in monsoon twice, many years ago. But now my friends and me are planning to visit Kerala in monsoon. I have managed to make on rough itinerary. Would like to take help from fellow BCMTian's in correcting/altering/additions, if any. Let me put the...
  8. M

    Ladakh in April-May 2018

    Hi Experts I am planning to travel Leh Ladakh (ultimate destination) between 26th Apr'18 to 3rd May'18. We are a group of 8-10 people with age group of 25-35. I am planning to book flights in coming days from Mumbai to Leh. Is it OK to visit Leh during this period. Will we able to visit Nubra...
  9. D

    Help regarding Planning for Rann of Kutch in 1st week of Dec

    Hi BCTians, I am planning for a solo bike ride from Mumbai to Rann covering LRK & GRK (on full moon day) during 1st week of Dec. But while going through many of superb & detailed previous travelogues by BCMTians , I have got a doubt that Kutch may be marshy at this time given the flood...
  10. nadz11.ns

    What should be a relaxed itinerary for Ladakh

    Of late, most of the itineraries on Ladakh I have seen are really fast paced. Most want to do the circuit in 10-12 days. But I think this circuit should be given more time and the places should be enjoyed and not rushed. Can those who have been to Ladakh share their views on this and help make...
  11. gsarkhel

    Any suggestion on itinerary in Ooty?

    Hi Guys, I'm travelling Ooty in the second week of May. Plan is to fly from Mumbai to Coimbatore and then drive down to Ooty directly from the airport. 3 days in Ooty and 1 day in coimbatore. Hired a self driven car from Myles. So any suggestion on how to make these five days the best memorable...
  12. L

    Bike Trip to Ladakh from 12th to 21st May 2017

    Hi All, We are a group of 10 guys planning a bike trip to Ladakh from 12th to 21st May 2017. Shared below the tentative plan for the trip.. 12th May -Arrive in Leh by air around 9AM -Get Inner Line Permits and check bikes to be hired the next day -Night stay in Leh 13th May...
  13. VishKi

    Travel Itinerary to Niagara Falls (Canada)

    Hello Fellow BCMTians, Can any please provide me an 2 day Itinerary for visiting Niagara (from Canada) & few places around Niagara? It would be helpful if you can provide me a nice hotel to stay too! I am planning to visit on 24th till 25th December. Thanks, Vish Kini
  14. earthian

    Could i have some help, please?

    Uttrakhand has mesmerised me. Having spent an idyllic 11 days in Ranikhet, the beautiful and pristine surroundings, coupled with the invigorating environment has got to me. I am hooked. Reading a TR of a fellow BCMer further intensified the craving of jumping in the car and heating North again...
  15. G

    Karnataka Trip Suggestions needed

    Hi All, I am planning a family trip to Karnataka. Mixed group from age 60 to 6 years. Budget moderate. Total days = 10-12 days. Here is my itinerary: Bangalore local sightseeing (? Days) Mysore (? Days) Bandipur (Day trip from Mysore or 1 night stay?) Coorg (? Days) Udupi (? Days) Murudeshwar...
  16. V

    Delhi-Manali-Dharamshala-Amritsir itinarary help

    Hello, I am planning to a trip to Delhi-Manali-Dharamshala-Amritsir next week (24th sep to 2nd Oct) Please check my itinerary and suggest best possible places/hotels/transport mode etc. I am travelling with my wife. 1) Reaching Delhi from hyderabad by flight on 24th morning. Planning to cover...
  17. earthian

    Nepal: Muktinath

    My parents are visiting us and we thought it would be nice to take a family outing. One place they have wanted to visit is Muktinath in Nepal. Could i get advise on what could be a 7-9 day itinerary ? My parents are in their 80's; but reasonably fit. We can afford to splurge a bit and travel by...
  18. Joystan

    The Himalayan Ride 2017 itinerary help needed

    Hello All! I've been reading about experiences, tips and advices on and has been of a huge help planning and gathering inputs for my upcoming ride. Thank you so much for putting this site together and maintaining it. Let me introduce myself first, I'm Joystan Fernandes and...
  19. M

    Suggestion needed on itinerary for Bike ride Delhi-Leh-Delhi

    Hi, I am Manoj, I have been reading articles and heard so many good feedbacks on Mr.Yogesh Sarkar for this wonderful BCMtouring portal. Now it's my time to get some help from you all. Please suggest best itinerary for 12 to 14 days bike ride from Delhi-Leh-Delhi. I have read so many articles...
  20. Y

    Bhutan Ride on Oct 2016

    Hey Travelers, Am from bangalore and planning for ride to Bhutan on Oct last week. I would need few info like itinerary for 10days. How do we take our bike from Bangalore and so ? I also wanted to know if any one interested with this ride to join us. Please help me out. Thanks.