1. HighwayRanger

    Kanpur to Sattal route advice and road conditions required please.

    Hi all. My wife and I are driving to Sattal from Hosur (TN) mid January. The route we intend to take is as follows. Hosur > Hyderabad > Nagpur > Jabalpur > Kanpur > Sattal. Any information on the road conditions, accommodation (preferably on the bypass roads), and anything particular to be noted...
  2. A

    2017 Pune Jabalpur road status

    Hi, I am planning to travel to Jabalpur from Pune in the month of April, and need some help to plan the route. In some earlier threads people have suggested to go via Nagpur, but want to know if going via Indore would be better, as Pune Indore road is very good from what I hear. Can someone...
  3. N

    delhi to jabalpur

    HII friends, I want to go Delhi to jabalpur by car. please suggest me the best shortest route possible keeping in view of good road condition. Google map show 3 different routes, but not able to conclude which one to chose. Please help. Nipun