jammu kargil

  1. shubh Anshuman

    Dream Leh - Ladakh Expedition _ June'16

    Julley, My name is Shubh Anshuman. I want to present a dream that I lived during the Summer of 16. Its a story of 5 stranger who followed a simple therepy of Ride-Eat-Sleep-Repeat in the terrains of Ladakh and became brothers. O:) DOJ : 25th June'16 to 5th July'16...
  2. zma0101

    New Delhi- Kargil Road trip ... Need your advice

    Fellow riders .. I need your advice and suggestion for a trip that I am planning with my friends this august. 1st week 5-12th august I have never been on this circuit before. It has been in the radar for sometime now. Finally things are falling in its place. What we have is 2 bikes and a...