1. nadz11.ns

    PhotoLog - Sanasar, J&K

    Short trip to Patnitop and Sanasar @prateek2210 @Sam231276 and I made a small trip to Patnitop and Sanasar over the weekend. Part and Sam came from Delhi and had more interesting ride than mine as I rode only around 250kms, while they 1500kms pus kms with around 20hrs of continuous riding...
  2. H

    Delhi to Jammu on the week of 26 Jan

    Friends I am planning a road trip to Jammu from Noida on the weekend of 26th Jan. I was interested if someone could tell me 1) the road condition 2) Safety and all , especially around border areas like Pathankot 3) Police harrassment on outside number 4) Tolls charges on the way. I would be...
  3. ßlåçk Pærl

    Sudden Plan to Kasmir

    600hrs | bed | home | Chandigarh: Sangla trip was cancelled since I figured out the actual minimum temperature there in was -10 (not -19 which was the driving factor for me for the plan). I thought for some time, and woke up my brother sleeping on my right to ask if he wills to travel to...