1. shahronakm

    Peacock Courtship Dance | Peacock Dance Display

    Best watched in Full HD (1080p). In the jungle there may be nothing more beautiful than the courtship dance display of the peacock, the commonly used name for the male peafowl. With its blue-green plumage, this animal is a beautiful bird even when not in display mode, but becomes a work of art...
  2. shahronakm

    Indian Rat Snake | Jhalana Leopard Reserve

    Best watched in Full HD (1080p). Description: Presenting Indian Rat Snake also known as Dhaman in local language, probably searching for prey. Filmed at Jhalana Leopard Reserve, Jaipur, Rajasthan, May 2019 Movie clip taken with Panasonic DMC FZ70 & Still pictures taken with Nikon D7100...
  3. shahronakm

    The Thirsty Hare | Jhalana Leopard Reserve

    Best watched in Full HD (1080p). Description It was peak summer time in Jaipur & this Indian Hare chose to ignore our presence & kept on drinking water from man made water hole. These man made water holes are a boon to wildlife especially during summer months when natural water holes are dried...

    Wildlife Safari (Video)- Rajasthan (Jhalana Leopard Sanctuary & Ranthambore Tiger Reserve)

    Dear all, Very happy to share the highlight reel of our Wild Rajasthan experience in October. Do subscribe to the channel if you'd like to see more on India's wildlife and drop in your comments and feedback as well :)