1. P

    Nepal | Nov'19 | Motorcycle Trip

    Hi All Disclaimer : I'm bad at drafting a TL, so I will try to keep it short & sweet and limited to where it needs an explanation. I'm a dormant member of this platform but observe you guys from 'sidelines' and enjoy all the posts. Thank you for everything! 2015 Autumn: In one such travelogue...
  2. Sayantan.geo

    Ride to Muktinath, Nepal - a journey that changed our lives

    A few lines before we start... It was 2013 when we visited Muktinath, Nepal, but the travelogue gone lost under many files and professional deadlines. After four years in 2017, it was a treat to find it in my old external drive. So here it is. More than a regular travelogue, it’s a story which...
  3. Point Zero

    Expedition through the trekking trail - Nepal

    The converging road stud reflector glittering at night admires me. It reminds me of the mathematical theorem, two parallel lines converge and meet at infinity and I am constantly moving towards that infinity trip by trip. If you have gone through my Bhutan trip...