kareri lake

  1. CrestlessWave

    Kareri Lake Trek (Himachal Pradesh)| Photo Feature and Information

    Kareri Lake, a little less explored place by usual crop of tourists, is situated near Dharmashala, Himachal Pradesh. In order to reach Kareri Lake, Dharamshala would be the base, from here take a taxi/bus to Ghera Village and from here it's 21 kilometers of mostly uphill trek. You do have very...
  2. P

    Kareri Winter Trek - Report

    Day 1 | Ghera – Kareri : We took the 9 : 22 PM bus from Delhi ISBT and reached Dharamshala ISBT at 9 AM in the morning. It was dark and gloomy. We walked to Sita Guest House just 100 m from the ISBT. We got freshened up and after completing breakfast we started out journey towards Ghera. It...