1. tusharxtreme

    Kedarnath Trek in Oct 2020

    Hello BCMTian's, I am back from my trip to the Kedarnath trek which I did from 15th October afternoon at 3PM from Gurgaon to 19th October early morning till 4 AM. I have captured multiple photos and videos of my entire journey and I am sharing a few with you all. I have created Videos as well...
  2. murugas

    A trip from Kedar to Badri

    This is not the first time and definitely this will not be the last time also. It all started in 2010 year after year Himalayas pulls us like a magnet and we plan s trip during September and visit many places. This time it was a trip from Kedarnath to Badrinath in between we visited Triyug...
  3. RKReloaded

    2016 - Haridwar to Kedarnath

    Hi Everyone, I am planning to do a Road trip to Kedarnath from Bangalore in a Sedan in the month of June. However till I reach Haridwar, it should not be a worry, as it's a National Highway. Beyond that, I am not sure. how the roads are. Any kind of information is appreciated. Thanks, Kedarnag