1. M

    Pune to Tarkarli Beach Road Conditions

    Hi, I am planning a road trip from Pune to Tarkarli Beach. Pune to Kolhapur route seems straightforward and road conditions also look pretty good. However Kolhapur to Tarkarli looks to be in bad condition. I have following three options: 1. Kolhapur -> Amboli -> Tarkarli 2. Kolhapur ->...
  2. vaibhav_arora

    Kolhapur, Ratnagiri, Ganapatipule and beyond – A monsoon solo.

    In an obscure corner of my mind, when cobwebs of depressive thoughts form slowly during long periods of lassitude, sometimes there’s the proverbial ray of hope – a desire to escape, to go to places unseen - that a change of place will ''start me up'' over again. Travel anywhere in this great...