1. rohitbhat

    Malwan - Road Trip

    A short T-log : You don't realise or cross check on the status of the desired place, when you plan to visit it. It becomes extremely difficult to deal when you come to know, the same place hosts one of the grand event which attracts lakhs of people, which eventually means mad rush...
  2. gauravtalan

    Photoblog: Delhi-Goa-Delhi road trip

    I have been to Goa a couple of times by train taking the scenic Konkan route. The journey always fascinated me. What would the villages of this stretch look like? How about the beaches and backwaters? After planning for a few months, I finally decided to drive along the Konkan coast while taking...
  3. TravelDada

    Bachelor's outing to Dapoli

    Prologue: A team of IT professionals in Pune decided to take a break from corporate and family lives, return to bachelorhood for a while, to unleash the boys within them... They take out their vehicles, hit the roads and head for a beach.. That's us, the team or the gang for this...
  4. vaibhav_arora

    Kolhapur, Ratnagiri, Ganapatipule and beyond – A monsoon solo.

    In an obscure corner of my mind, when cobwebs of depressive thoughts form slowly during long periods of lassitude, sometimes there’s the proverbial ray of hope – a desire to escape, to go to places unseen - that a change of place will ''start me up'' over again. Travel anywhere in this great...