1. rohitbhat

    Mangan - Sikkim Queries.

    Hello, We will be visiting Sikkim in late October'17 for 20 days. We are six of us. Please guide me to Sikkim travelogues of Mangan+Lachen area in NE T-log section, if any. Although I tried but found only few. But before that, help me in recommending accommodation at two places, Mangan &...
  2. Chandrajit Rudra

    Pulsar 200NS across Sikkim | Gurudongmar Lake | Old Silk Route

    This is my first travelogue on BCMTouring. After having gathered a lot of information from so many expert members here, I thought its time to share back my experience. :) This is the video covering the 1600 km 10 day ride in bits. Will share detailed Travelogues for everyday onward...
  3. Point Zero

    Drive to North Sikkim to relive the golden pages of my diary

    :cop: Caution !!! To many pictures. This travelogue could appear more of a comparative type because I could not stop myself from pondering over the past times when we have visited the same place around the same time of the year in 2013. Thanks to Sandip (my companion in the bike trip) for...
  4. Ashrith Shetty

    Sikkim-Bhutan 2016

    I went to sikkim in 2013 and i missed Gurudongmar lake . This is the reason this year (2016) when i was planning for Bhutan , i wanted to try again. So Sikkim gets added into my plan. Month/Year : April 2016 Route : Siliguri - Gangtok - Lachen - Gurudongmar Lake - Lachen - Gangtok -...
  5. Sachin Nair

    LOST in Sikkim

    LOST in Sikkim: 5 Bikers | 6500 Kms | 19 Days Let’s start with the title, Shall We? LOST in Sikkim to many might sound like someone lost their way in Sikkim or to the more adventurous ones it might sound more like someone got engrossed in the beauty of the mountains that they actually got lost...