lahaul valley

  1. skysat2005

    Our ride to serenity, Sach Pass - 2017

    Serenity : Dictionary meaning - the absence of mental stress or anxiety; a disposition free from stress or emotion. Well, state of being calm and peaceful means different to different people. For us, it means moving away from the urban clutter for a couple of day to re-establish our connect...
  2. Joddl

    Experiencing Srinagar/Leh/Lahaul-Spiti in June/July

    My objective is to see Srinagar and its surroundings for a few days, then travel to Leh. I want to do a small trek for a few days there and experience homestays with local people. Returning will be through the Leh-Manali road with a few days stop in Lahaul/Spiti. The trip will be from around...
  3. akm_9090

    Swiftly spitified

    Firstly I would like to thanks Master ji (Narender Gautam) and RT Sir (Ramesh Tahlan) for updating me on the road status and terrain. Kaza was my dream destination after completing Leh (twice), Badrinath and Gangotri. My plan was to cover Leh again on this trip but there was a sudden change of...
  4. nndp87

    The Great Escape - Cliffhanger Kashmir / Valleys of Himachal / Mughal Road and much more.

    I was driving on one of the world’s most dangerous road, carefully navigating through the curves, enjoying the landscape and sound of river passing 1000 meters below the road. 50 kilometers took more than 5 hours, still wasn’t tired. Suddenly a vehicle comes from opposite direction with a big...