1. SJM1214

    Spiti Trip July-2012: A Photolouge.

    I travelled Leh during August 2009. It was a very old dream. How old? Well, I was aware of some region named Ladakh (90s) but never came across any pics. During 1998 I got a chance to watch Dil Se Movie. Leh and surrounding area were amazingly captured in this movie. I decided then and there...
  2. Mustafa Akbar

    Spiti September end -Need help with a relaxed Itinerary on a bike

    Hi guys I would be thankful if anyone can provide me a detailed itenary (distances and places to stay would be a bonus if possible) for the spiti - Lahaul circuit !!! It would be great if someone can also provide a report on the road conditions there (I don't mind the terrain I mean if all the...
  3. jjamwal

    Kinnaur, Spiti, Lahaul trip with Chandra Taal to Suraj Taal trek.

    This series of posts is a travelogue of my recent vacation covering Kinnaur, Spiti, Lahaul and Manali in 16 days. It was a solo trip for most part and involved travel on road, camping, trekking and just lazing around on different days. My previous trip to this region was in 2015 in which I...
  4. jjamwal

    7-9 Days Kinnaur Trip

    I have a 7-9 days in which to see some places in Kinnaur and nearby areas. Will be traveling by car. I have been to Spiti, Kaza from Manali side but this would be the first time from Shimla. Luxury is not required, happy to stay in camp sites, homestays kind of places if they are in great...
  5. A

    Travel partner (pref. family) for Spiti in June 2017

    Hi, Since I have already covered Spiti an year ago, so this year I want my parents to experience the beauty of Spiti as well. Will be travelling from Chandigarh to Spiti in mid June 2017 in own SUV. Looking for travel partners (family preferred) with independent car.
  6. torquedos

    Help required on Spiti - August 2016

    Hey guys! Did a quick dash through Spiti last year on my 200 Ns and since Lahaul Valley was still secluded off the world, has to go via Reckong and come back. Now the pulsar had been traded for a 2015 Royal Enfield Standard 500 and the Spiti bug is biting again. The only catch being 8 days...