1. Suneesh Sharma

    Nikki's first and Pihu' second adventurous trip of Ladakh

    And here we go. 19th aug at 5:45 we started from Ace City, Noida ext. Sent from my V2055 using Tapatalk
  2. rameshtahlan

    59 Passes - 10 Sept to 10 Oct 2022.

    Monsoons would be mainly behind us. Western Disturbances would be still safely ahead of us. So this plan has been on my mind for many years. Finally it gonna take place The TEAM is super - Adhiraaj Singh - TEAM LEADER. Capt Alok Chandola - ex army, has been ADC to 2 past Presidents of India...
  3. Suneesh Sharma

    Pihu Reached top of the world!!!

    Pihu says Julley : Thanks mama n papa for taking me to top of the world. Thanks to Hemant and Piyush chachu. Riders : Myself, Navjot - @nkaur07 (My better half), Hemant (My friend) and Piyush - @piyush on his Yamaha R15 (First a BCMTian, then my friend, incedently he is in same organisation...