Wildlife Safari (Video)- Rajasthan (Jhalana Leopard Sanctuary & Ranthambore Tiger Reserve)

    Dear all, Very happy to share the highlight reel of our Wild Rajasthan experience in October. Do subscribe to the channel if you'd like to see more on India's wildlife and drop in your comments and feedback as well :)
  2. shahronakm

    The Angry Leopard | Tadoba Tiger Reserve

    Best viewed in Full HD (1080p). Description It was late evening when we were about to return to the exit gate, unexpectedly from a distance we sighted a Leopard & her cub walking on the road. Suddenly another gypsy over took our gypsy & panicked them. The little cub ran in opposite direction...
  3. shahronakm

    Wild Animals In Reverse

    Best watched in HD (720p) with sound on. This video is a compilation of Indian Wild Animals such as Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Elephant, Spotted Deer, Langur, Sloth Bear, Wolf, Fox etc., moving in reverse direction. It is an effort to present Indian Wildlife on a lighter note with the help of...
  4. shahronakm

    The Ghost of Tadoba | Leopard

    Best watched in Full HD (1080p). Description Presenting the elusive Leopard - The Ghost of Tadoba. Unlike Tigers (whose sightings are common & last longer), Leopards are very shy & immediately run away in the bushes once they sense human presence in their vicinity. But on this occasion the...
  5. shahronakm

    Magical 30 Minutes In Wild @ Tadoba

    This was our first time at Tadoba in Winters. Earlier three safaris from Kolara gate had yielded zero sightings & were repenting on our decision of coming to Tadoba at this time of the year. All our earlier trips were in summers & were rewarded by splendid sightings. With very little hopes we...
  6. shahronakm

    The Thirsty Leopard - Gir National Park

    Best watched in Full HD (1080p) Description The Thirsty Leopard Gir National Park & Sanctuary April 2014. For More Indian Wildlife Videos Discover Wild India - https://www.youtube.com/user/DiscoverWildIndia