1. D

    To Reach Advaita Ashram, Mayawati Uttarkand

    Hi, Need inputs, on how to reach this Ashram, Mayawati from New Delhi? Google showed we can take train till Haldwani. From Haldwani to Mayawati it is ~ 165-180 km. From Haldwani are there good regular buses [of Uttarkand Roadways] to Lohaghat or one has to hire Cabs?
  2. Alpha

    Holi Getaway: Kausani – Munsiyari – Dharchula – Lohaghat

    Dates of Journey: 1st March 2018 – 4th March 2018 Route taken: Delhi – Kausani – Munsiyari – Dharchula – Pithoragarh – Lohaghat – Rudrapur – Delhi Total Distance covered: 1300 kms approx. It had been two months since I headed to mountains. I had been to a hills of Netarhat a small Jharkhand...