1. P

    The Great Indian Road trip continued...

    This is a continuation to our pan India (almost) road trip that we did during lockdown. The log for this leg of the trip has been created under North India, instead of NE to make the posts relevant. NE trip log is here for your reference. Journey so far Leg 4 : Siliguri > Lucknow > New Delhi...
  2. faizking321

    Itinerary help needed for Lucknow - Chennai road trip

    Hello, Guys! This is my first thread on this forum. I am planning to drive down my Maruti Alto (2012) from Lucknow to Chennai. I need some help regarding the route and stops I should take during the journey. Two of us will be driving. Planning to clock around 400-500kms per day. No night...
  3. S

    Lucknow-Meerut-Dehradun and Back on Honda Activa

    Hello all, Few days ago I did my solo trip to meerut on my trusty honda activa. Lucknow to Meerut (515kms) Then Meerut to Dehradun via Haridwar (198kms) and back to meerut and then finally back to Lucknow Total distance covered was 1430 kms. Overall got a FE average of Rs...
  4. kushagra agarwal

    Lucknow - Delhi - Chandigarh-Leh bike trip

    Hey people, I am a 21 yr old guy from Lucknow and wanna do this amazing trip this summers i wanna leave in second week of june . I am doing this trip on the bike and want Travel partners . I will be going from srinagar side and returning from manali , we can discuss the plan further . So ping me !