1. parthabanerjee

    Partha banerjee Mumbai to Mcleodganj 7 Day's Trip?

    Hello, Me & my uncle Partha banerjee Mumbai along with his family are planning to visit Mcleodganj - Dharamshala in the month of December for an family vacation. So, I just want to ask that is December month is good to visit there? Also what are the best places to visit in Mcleodganj - Dharamshala?
  2. Raminder_Singh

    Route itinerary for Delhi-Bir-Triund-Delhi

    I am planning to visit Bir for paragliding this weekend with my wife (28-29 April) from Delhi on my car. I would also like to add Triund trek to this trip. Please suggest best route to reach McLeodganj and Bir from Delhi. Should I take Rupnagar-Kiratpur Sahib-Una-Amb-Dharamshala-McLeodGanj...
  3. Sam231276

    The No DSLR Trip to the Hills

    INTRO :Hi Everyone !!! It's been quite a while now I have posted anything here. But as said Better late than never. PREFACE : As you all possibly know (mainly from my posts),that when it comes to motorcycle trips,my trusted riding partner has always been Prateek. @prateek2210 ans this trip...
  4. danrockd

    Help Needed: Drive from Delhi to Mcleodganj

    Hi All, Coming back after a long time.. as I know I can find my answers here. :) Planning a trip with family to Mcleodganj/Naddi early October so I have few questions: 1. Google Maps suggest the following route: Delhi-Ambala-Anandpur Sahib - Una - Kangra with aprox drive time of 10 hours. Is...
  5. A

    Biking from Delhi to Mcleodganj on 10th August - need some help

    Hi, I will be biking from Delhi to Mcleodganj on 10th August and plan to explore Dharamshala, Mcleodganj, Dharamkot and Triund till 16th August. Need some advice whether this is the right time to go (keeping my fingers crossed on rains/landslides etc). What is the best route? Anyone who has...