1. Roxx

    Ferry Between Kyrdoh & Shella Bholaganj, Meghalaya

    Hello friends!! Kyrdoh to Shella Bholaganj in Meghalaya. These two villages are close to each ther but separated by River Wah Umian in Meghalaya. could someone share info if we could cross this river with motorcycle via a ferry or any other option? from Google Maps, i think its about...
  2. Liqued Gun

    Planning ride_(On Bike)Need Suggestion (Kochi - Sikkim - Bhutan - Twang - Meghalaya)

    Dear RidersO:), Am Planning a ride (On Bike:cop:) on the month of November - December to (Sikkim - Bhutan - Twang - Meghalaya). I need to know more about the Places, Restrictions, Routes & all. The main doubt that making me mad that's can I enter from Sikkim - Bhutan Boarder and exit through...
  3. anoop0

    Meghalaya - Mid August - 3 Days planning

    I am arriving Shillong in mid August and have full 3 days to roam around on rented bike Day 1: Khasi Heritage Village, Sacred Forest and Shillong nearby Day2: Mawlynnong, Single root bridge, Dwaki - (Back to Shillong or stay in Cherrapunji) Day3: Cherrapunji - Seven ststers falls, Nohkalikai...
  4. Soumya Goswami

    Need some information on air travel

    Hi, I will be travelling from Kolkata to Meghalaya in February'18 for 6N/7D trip and will return from Shillong airport by Air India flight. Now coming to the point, in the middle of the tour I shall collect/buy some flowering/ornamental plants for gardening purpose at my home. 1. Can I bring...
  5. R

    Bangalore to Meghalaya, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh in Honda City - Need Suggestion

    Hi All, I am planing a trip to Meghalaya, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh from Bangalore. I have total of 24 Days (excluding 2-3 Days of buffer, which I will use when needed but would like to stick to the original plan). Need suggestions on below plan, places to exclude/include or anything else. I...
  6. L

    Northeast travel adventure

    Hey guys, We just did Assam / Nagaland / Manipur / Meghalaya in 7 days. My advice, stay away from NH37!!! (Imphal to Silchar!) All details are here.
  7. unniks

    Assam, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh in XUV - Drive to the abode of 3 of the 7 Sisters

    Idea I’ve been toying with the idea of visiting North Eastern states for last couple of years. My family was quite reluctant to allow me to drive to NE states. At last they allowed me to go in the year 2015. Add to this my Co-Brother (sister-in-law's husband) Ajay also wanted to drive to NE and...
  8. jjamwal

    Monsoons trip to Meghalaya

    Namaskar, Few months back, I posted a thread asking for advice about places to visit in Meghalaya, but no one was able to suggest anything. We made the trip without much planning in monsoon season, loved it a lot and am sharing some of details here. These days, I either forget or don't feel...
  9. earthian

    Advice needed-Ahmedabad to the 7 sisters

    I plan to visit the NE by road from Ahmedabad staring end of February or March beginning. Would be glad to get some advise. The tentative route planned is as follows: Ahmedabad- Kota- Allahabad - Varanasi - Patna - Siliguri --?? Some information about us: We are four of us travelling by a Santa...