1. Gunin

    Mizoram: A road trip

    Last leg of the journey: Time: 1:30 am: We are parked for the night at a petrol bunk somewhere near Jowai, Meghalaya. I was surprised at how comfortable and spacious the backseat of my bolero felt. Pahar on the hand was struggling to get in some kind of sleeping position in the front...
  2. A

    7 sisters of the north east - help & travel partners

    Hi Everyone, So I am very fresh to this website, unfortunately never knew about this before. I have decided on travelling to the North east this Feb'17 - the whole month. from 4th feb till 10th feb I will be travelling along with a frnd of mine and after that will be going around alone. So i am...
  3. sanuroxz

    Land of Highlanders - Mizoram

    mautam bamboo flowers **pictures collected from internet ..all credit goes to the respective photographers One particular species of bamboo only flowers every 48 years. This occurred during 1911, 1961 [and in 2007]. The bamboo flowers, produces its fruit, and withers away. The fruit or...
  4. earthian

    Advice needed-Ahmedabad to the 7 sisters

    I plan to visit the NE by road from Ahmedabad staring end of February or March beginning. Would be glad to get some advise. The tentative route planned is as follows: Ahmedabad- Kota- Allahabad - Varanasi - Patna - Siliguri --?? Some information about us: We are four of us travelling by a Santa...