1. Raminder_Singh

    Delhi- Goa- Delhi on motorcycle

    Hello I am planning for doing Delhi-Goa-Delhi solo ride on a motorcycle. I have planned to leave on 1st December and be back in Delhi by 14th December. Please suggest an itinerary and a route safe for motorcycles. I am keen on going via routes which are more scenic than usual highways. Thanks...
  2. H

    My video of motorcycle travel in Kyrgyzstan

    Hello everyone, A while ago I traveled through Central Asia on my motorbike. From the footage I sometimes edit a video. I just made one about Kyrgyzstan: The videos are in Dutch with English subtitles available. I hope this is not too big of a problem. Enjoy! Greets, Haye
  3. BAM BAM

    Chennai - Pondicherry

    The weather was awesome (quite rare in Chennai), can't ask for more to pick up the motorcycle. Made a short ride to Pondy from Chennai. Total distance covered 250kms (to and fro). Motorcycle - Yamaha FZ. Took the East Coast Road (ECR), a scenic road throughout. Took some clicks, furnished below...
  4. M

    Michelin Sirac Street 110/90 tubeless tyre touching issue for Classic 350

    Hi All, Recently I have changed my classiC 350 rear tyre with Michelin Sirac Street tubeless and had very bad experience because it's touching somewhere ,may be mudguard or swing arm . Asked to RE mechanic and he try to fix it by widing the mudguard and taken bike spring one level up. But still...
  5. ak72

    Vadodara, Rann of Kutch from Delhi - Motorcycle

    Folks Need some help/ suggestions here. I have a function to attend at Baroda/ Vadodara on the 24th September (Monday). I am planning to ride from Delhi & would leave on the 22nd and hope to reach Baroda by noon on the 23rd. I would depart Baroda on the 25th and plan to rode to the Rann of...
  6. Liqued Gun

    Planning ride_(On Bike)Need Suggestion (Kochi - Sikkim - Bhutan - Twang - Meghalaya)

    Dear RidersO:), Am Planning a ride (On Bike:cop:) on the month of November - December to (Sikkim - Bhutan - Twang - Meghalaya). I need to know more about the Places, Restrictions, Routes & all. The main doubt that making me mad that's can I enter from Sikkim - Bhutan Boarder and exit through...
  7. C

    Oil change at first service

    Hi, I took my Suzuki intruder to the official service station SR Suzuki in Noida. The bike had only done less than 150 km. It was a free service. On completion they charged me for oil change saying it is mandatory. Is oil change really required at such a stage? Next time, I would prefer a non...
  8. Pritam Sukumar

    Bangalore - Western Ghats - Hampi - Goa (and more!)

    During the November of 2017, I went on a month-long road trip through Karnataka and Goa. Originally planned as the starting point of an All-India trip, I ended up back in Bangalore (where I started) after a month. Riding in Karnataka and Goa is a lot of fun. The highways are nice, and the...
  9. asheshr

    Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

    Lets put all the Royal Enfield Continental GT 750 news and views in this thread Hear how it sounds like.
  10. asheshr

    Art of Motorcycle Braking

    From the article: Few riders realize that the front brake is the most effective in a two wheeler. Just using the rear brake allows you to barely use some 30% of the total braking force possible. Using the front brake is like pushing the bike from its front against its direction of motion and...
  11. V

    Manali-Leh-Manali motorbike tour June 2017

    Hi, We are 3 friends (on 2 bikes) planning to travel Manali-Leh-Manali from June 23 - july 03 this year. We are not joining any guided group for two reasons: 1) They are unnecessarily costly 2) We want to explore ourselves Need inputs whether how much safe will it be for us and what are...
  12. vikasb

    Charming Chakrata to Challenging Chanshal.. Memoirs of Wanderlust

    Prologue: It was a sleepy afternoon of July'15. Weather was so hot & damp that even breathing hard was an effort enough to put you to sleep. Especially when your belly is full after a sumptuous meal and your muscles were too relaxed to bother about supporting your body weight. :drinkers: I was...
  13. Dj_TheGame

    ownership thread: The Black Hawk -> Versys 650

    Hello All, I have finally upgraded :):) after 1 year of thinking , planning, discussion , reading reviews , watching reviews, test rides and everything Versys 650 came on top. after riding avenger for 3 years then ZMR for another 3 one thing was sure the upgrade needed to be durable...
  14. A

    Riding Leh from Delhi between July 9 and July 24, Need group with Female's or Couple to accompany

    Hi All, Me along with my friends (some female's) are planning to ride Delhi>Srinagar>Leh>Manali>Delhi, between July 9 2016 thru July 24 2016. We are looking up for a group with Female's/Couple's who can accompany us. Please let me know if anyone is interested and I can share the Itenary and...
  15. Equations

    A 'Holi' Ride to Frozen Spiti

    Same man, same machine at the same place after 11 years.
  16. P

    New Avengar 220 DTS I Issue [ fuse gets blown up sometime after starting]

    HI All, I have a serious issue with my new bike , any help is appreciated a lot. its just 7 month old bike , i gave for 2nd free servicing in mid of december to khiviraj bjaj service station [bangalore]. and after 2nd servicing there was problem of oil licking i went they fixed something. after...
  17. rahulsamuel

    WTS: RE Bullet STD 350 UCE Accessories

    UPDATE: All items sold/given away I have the following accessories to sell since I sold my bullet: 1. Super sturdy ladakh carrier I bought in Srinagar for Rs. 3,500/- and did reinforcement weilding. It is not the usual thin pipe carrier easily available in our markets in Bangalore. Carrier...