1. danish.kagzi

    Mumbai - Coorg - Mumbai (Road trip)

    Hi, I am planning a road trip with my wife and 7 year old kid in 1st week of Oct. Destination is Coorg. I have finalised one leg of the journey, need suggestions for a place to stay while coming back. Day 1 - Leave Mumbai and stay at Hubli for over night. Day 2 - Leave Hubli and stay at...
  2. Jasgeet Kaur

    Around the country in 9 days: A road journey on the Golden Quadrilateral

    The beginning It all began with a wish. So it does, in most of the cases, right? The wish. The wish to explore the country on wheels. The wish to do it in one drive. The wish to drive on that way, before everyone else, literally everyone else does that, just like it is with Ladakh these days...
  3. shahronakm

    Octopus | Marine Life of Mumbai | Girgaum Chowpatty

    Best watched in HD (720p). Sighting Summary It was a surprise sighting of this Octopus on the crowded city beach of Girgaum Chowpatty during one of the late afternoon walk. This was during low tide. Location Girgaum Chowpatty, Mumbai, Maharashtra, December 2017. Equipments Used Movie...
  4. G

    Bike Trip from Bangalore to Gujarat and Back 11 Days 5100KM

    Hello Friends, I recently had a bike trip from Bangalore to Gujarat and Back to Bangalore from 23rd Dec 2017 to 2nd Jan 2018. Sharing the itenary i followed Always start early morning 23-Dec Bengaluru-->Kolhapur (620KM) Road awesome Started around 4AM from Bangalore and Reached Kolhapur...
  5. I

    Need to know process to sale/scrap bike in Mumbai

    Hello everyone. I have a 2008 TVS Flame bike which is in bad bad condition. It was my first bike and yes it was decision in haste. Bike had many problem. When I bought it TVS was already in dispute with Bajaj over Engine design. Bike has served me well but I haven't ridden the bike much. Its...
  6. Mitul

    Any visibility issues from Mumbai-amritsar

    We are 2 riders from Mumbai, travelling to a route spanning Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Jaisalmer-Bikaner-Amritsar. If things go well, we will proceed from Amritsar-Dalhousie-Dharamshala-Rohtak-Ajmer-Lunavada-Mumbai. Dates are 27th November to 14th December. We plan to ride from 6 am onwards on all days...
  7. M

    Road Trip: Mumbai - Gujarat: 1968kms in 3 days

    Diwali weekend did an drive from Mumbai to Gujarat and covered 1968 kms in 3 days. Road condition report as below: Day 1: Mumbai – Vapi – Vadodara – Anand – Kheda – Bagodara – Limdi – Chotila – Rajkot – Gondal – Sultanpur – Meghapipalya: NH48 & NH64 till kheda is excellent then to SH16 is an 2...
  8. Karthik_Ram

    Mumbai - Leh - Mumbai

    Hi All I am glad I got to know of this forum through one of my relatives, and I found the articles and travelogues really intriguing and helpful. Me and a few cousins (4 of us in total) are planning on a road trip from Mumbai to Leh and back with an Avenger, Thunderbird and Hyundai Xcent, in...
  9. arunvlogger

    Mumbai to Udaipur Roadtrip - 1718 km on yamaha fzs

    Mumbai - Vadodara - Mount Abu - Udaipur - Bharuch - Mumbai (1718 km). In the scorching heat of May 2016 this roadtrip was a learning experience and definitely a memorable one !! Please take a look and do let me know your comments and reviews :) Travel Vlog -
  10. Leo Pandey

    Mumbai is a part of West India Tooo...!!!! Read..Watch...Suggest!!

    Hey BCMtians..Wassup..!! Hope you guys keep travelling, exploring & sharing content as always..!! Here goes a bit from my part too Been a while noticing, not many people write or log anything about Mumbai...!!! I mean isn't Mumbai also a part of West India too...? So this log goes to all the...
  11. D

    Payment of Octroi when getting the Bike inside Old Mumbai

    Hello everyone, I just got my UP registered bike, Apache RTR, transported to Mumbai from Uttar Pradesh(UP). I wanted to know whether i might need to pay Octroi tax when i am riding the bike and entering in Old Mumbai. If yes, then how much is the rate of tax in Mumbia, Will they provide a...
  12. Leo Pandey

    Anjarle Dapoli Beach !! Pristine !! No Tourists !! Dhamaal !!

    Hey BCM Tourers, Back again with another log for a ride we did from Mumbai to Anjarle Beach (Dapoli) 600 kmsof pure madness. We had 9 Bikes & a Car for this trip & it turned out to be the best ride so far, because this is the 4th time we have been to this place. We do an Annual trip at the...
  13. torquedos

    The Pune Punter

  14. rohitbhat

    Pondicherry Chronicles

    Month of May was never ever a good time to travel South India. Why? i) Monsoon approaching, ii) Killer heat and very humid weather. But my friend still wanted to ride all the way and come back from Mumbai. 1) The long awaited plan, finally comes into effect. 2) An accident on first day...
  15. danish.kagzi

    Road Status - Mumbai - Sonamarg. Please update

    I will be leaving Mumbai on 23rd July. Below is the route I have decided, kindly suggest if I have taken the fastest and smoothest one. Also if you could help with the approx. time it might take to travel. Mumbai - Ajmer (night stay) Ajmer - Ambala (night stay) Ambala - Amritsar (night stay)...
  16. Theloststory

    Mumbi - Rajasthan - 6400km over two months

    We recently spent over two months road tripping in Rajasthan, mostly for work. Since we had to take plenty of stopovers, research etc, we decided to drive down and keep the car with us. The trip, which was supposed to last a couple of weeks, stretched over two months, and we weren't even...
  17. saneguy

    Mumbai - Vadodara - NH8 - Dashcam Video for Road Conditions

    Hi All, I recently did a short trip to Vadodara in November 2015. I recorded the entire trip through my dashcam. This will clearly give everyone traveling through this route a good idea about road conditions and traffic. We left Mumbai at around 5.30 AM. The video starts from Nala Sopara (just...