1. Desert Hunter

    Solace seeking - Trip to Takt Sachkhand Huzoor Sahib

    Takht Sachkhand Sri Huzoor Abchal Nagar Sahib, Nanded, Maharashtra. A trip to this holy place, one of the Five designated Takhts, was long intended, but never materialized. But as the pious do say, it is the call of the Lord that gives you a chance to seek His blessings, at His command and will...
  2. L

    Road trip from Hyderabad to Parli Vaijnath and then Aundh Nagnath Jyothirling

    I am planning to make a road trip from Hyderabad to Parli Vaijnath on August 30, 2019. I indend starting at around 5.30 am and reach Parli by 1 pm with my family . I would be using 2004 Maruti Swift for my travel. I indent taking the route.. Hyderabad - Outer Ring Road - Sadashivpet-...