1. Roxx

    Unplanned Malshej Ghat & Nane Ghat, August 2019.

    Hi everyone, Malshej was on my mind... well, there are plently places on my mind.. my bike & me, we were much thirsty of a ride & adventure.. and there came 4 days of office holiday, 15th aug - 18 aug 2019. plus i got 2 leaves extra passed from office: 19aug & 20 aug 2019. now i had 6days total...
  2. Roxx

    AUG 2018, Malshej Ghat - Naneghat

    Hi all.. I wish to ride to malshej ghat and naneghat from Ahmedabad next month in August 2018.. please advise me if my plans need changes. Also its "rainy rainy" which will make me slow down.. i am mostly concerned about night stay. Day 1 & 2: ahmedabad to malshej Day 3 & 4: stay near malshej...