new year

  1. pankaj2011


    What a better way to make full use of the lockdown by penning down a travelogue. Hopefully, by the time lockdown is over, I would have shared my long pending logs for the past trips. So here we start off from the latest one. As is the norm, few teasers before the main course.
  2. Roxx

    Ahmedabad - Auli, 26dec 2018 - 4jan 2019

    Hello friends.. I am planning for a trip to auli in Uttrakhand, but i am unable to confirm how to travel... Please advise me on trains and buses, how to go and come back, i don't wish to spend more time & money in traveling.. I see there is a daily train ahd to Haridwar, but couldn't find buses...
  3. foadbear

    Bali. Land of calm and scenic beauties.

    I have been planning to go to Bali since 2013, after I quit my job and turned to a web based entrepreneur. It always eluded me, but was finally able to get it done. Got married this November and what would have been a better chance to explore Bali with my better half. Posting some teaser pics...
  4. Ravjit Singh

    New Year in Iceland

    This is my first post here in BCMT and in fact first in the whole wild web of the world wide web ;) I hope I have a good kickstart here. Iceland is really a gem on planet earth. The landscapes take your breath away! And not to forget the Northern lights!! I am really impatient to get back there...