1. torquedos

    The Pune Punter

  2. N

    Gurgaon to Jaipur via NH8 and NH11c

    Hello! I am planning to visit Jaipur on this weekend and would be driving down there in my car. I have booked a hotel in Jaipur which lies in south jaipur near airport. Since I would be starting from Gurgaon in early morning, I am thinking of taking NH8 from there. If i key in my coordinates in...
  3. saneguy

    Mumbai - Vadodara - NH8 - Dashcam Video for Road Conditions

    Hi All, I recently did a short trip to Vadodara in November 2015. I recorded the entire trip through my dashcam. This will clearly give everyone traveling through this route a good idea about road conditions and traffic. We left Mumbai at around 5.30 AM. The video starts from Nala Sopara (just...
  4. manish.sharma

    Delhi - ?? - Mandvi

    Hi friends, I am planning a 5 - 6 days trip in December or January to Mandvi beach. I need expert suggestions on which route to go with. Should it be NH8 (Delhi - Jaipur - Ajmer - Udaipur - Ahmedabad - Mandvi) or any other suggestions that anyone has to offer based on road conditions. I do not...