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  1. W

    Itinerary for 10-day trip to Sikkim in Late Sept/Early Oct

    Hi fellow travellers! :) I have finalized the following itinerary based on research. Would be grateful for your thoughts and suggestions on the same: Day 01: Bagdogra to Gangtok Day 02: Tsongmo Lake & Nathula Pass. Overnight in Gangtok. Day 03: Gangtok Local Sightseeing. Overnight in Gangtok...
  2. Santos

    Solo Trip to North East and Bhutan - November 2018

    Hello Fellow riders, For a long time i always dreamed of bike trip to Bhutan & North East, and Finally this is happening . Please feel free to suggest a itinerary that would be cover almost all good location, tips for planning, location. permits. I will reach Siliguri on 10th November and...
  3. life1style1

    In the land of Konyaks:The Tattooed headhunters of Nagaland

    The Konyak tribe, once notorious for their headhunting and famous for their facial tattoos, lives in the remote North East India along the Indo-Myanmar international border in Nagaland.For centuries these lands were isolated because of fearsome headhunting practices.The tattooing art of the...
  4. jjamwal

    Help with 14-18 days trip to North East

    We're planning a trip one state in North East mid or late June. Either one of these three tstaes: Nagaland, Tripura or Manipur. We've been to Meghalaya already and don't have much interest for Assam, Sikkim and Arunachal for this year. Our interest is in offbeat places, small villages, etc...
  5. vinodhs87

    Looking for co-travellers to Arunachal - First 2 weeks of November

    Hi, Me and my wife are planning to travel to Arunachal (either bullet or backpack) in the first 2 weeks of November ? Already working on the itinerary with help of Tapas. Anyone here who would be travelling to Arunachal around the sametime and want to tag along ? Thanks, Vinodh
  6. Yogeshkale

    Itinerary for Bhutan and North East Ride

    Hello guys me in my local group (bunch of idiots) approx 12 person are planning for Bhutan Ride in 2018 need all your help regarding: Best Time to visit (Month) my personal option was for March 2018 (is it a good time?) , most important VISA formalities (can we apply visa from Mumbai before...
  7. hackernewbie

    Glimpses from the North East

    Ah, I so much feel at home being here finally, after a long hiatus! A lot has happened in my life but I would not bore you with all that stuff. Suffice to say that I have now moved to the North East and here, on this thread, I intend to keep sharing glimpses of North East. **If you really want...
  8. M

    Need help in planning a trip to Arunachal Pradesh on bike

    Hi, I am back on this forum after a long time. I recall people here really helping me plan some of the best trips of my life. Thanks again to all. I need to plan a trip to Arunachal Pradesh starting April 15th. We plan to take Rajdhani on April 15th, along with the bike, and then proceed...
  9. K

    North East Itinerary in February'17

    Hey Fellas, In need of some tips from you all experience travelers. I am planning a trip to north east in the month of February, from Delhi. Seeking some help in choking out a plan for the travel. Leaving Delhi on 18th Feb Morning Leaving Bagdogra on 24th Feb Afternoon 6 Pax Majoring want to...
  10. A

    7 sisters of the north east - help & travel partners

    Hi Everyone, So I am very fresh to this website, unfortunately never knew about this before. I have decided on travelling to the North east this Feb'17 - the whole month. from 4th feb till 10th feb I will be travelling along with a frnd of mine and after that will be going around alone. So i am...
  11. richaverma

    Need suggestions for Guwahati and Shillong trip

    Hello People Thanks for visiting this page. I have high hopes that i will get the right suggestions here. I have booked round trip to Guwahati. I will reach there on Dec 21 at 8 am and have a return flight at 6:10pm on Dec 25. Please suggest what all places I can cover in this much time. I...
  12. A

    Need help in planning Sikkim itinerary

    Hi All, I am planning a trip to north east in this month end. I will be flying from bangalore to kolkatta . Will i be able to visit or plan a one day trip to sundarbans .? If so which is the best way to book it? Also i need help in planning a rough itinerary for 5 days in and around Gangtok. We...
  13. sanuroxz

    Land of Highlanders

    mautam bamboo flowers **pictures collected from internet ..all credit goes to the respective photographers One particular species of bamboo only flowers every 48 years. This occurred during 1911, 1961 [and in 2007]. The bamboo flowers, produces its fruit, and withers away. The fruit or...
  14. earthian

    Advice needed-Ahmedabad to the 7 sisters

    I plan to visit the NE by road from Ahmedabad staring end of February or March beginning. Would be glad to get some advise. The tentative route planned is as follows: Ahmedabad- Kota- Allahabad - Varanasi - Patna - Siliguri --?? Some information about us: We are four of us travelling by a Santa...
  15. sanuroxz

    Into the Tribe

    Aane Me : Are there tigers in the forest? Aane : These days they are very few.. Me : Where they all went ? Aane : Before so many years there is a big fiery tiger and a wild cow..Tiger used to attack the cow every time...Tiger loved to jump on the cow and used to bite its neck and scratched all...