1. jjamwal

    Monsoons trip to Meghalaya

    Namaskar, Few months back, I posted a thread asking for advice about places to visit in Meghalaya, but no one was able to suggest anything. We made the trip without much planning in monsoon season, loved it a lot and am sharing some of details here. These days, I either forget or don't feel...
  2. R

    Sikkim, Arunachal, Assam and Meghalaya

    Hi, We are planning for Sikkim and close to 7 sisters around April/May. Not sure if is the best time. tentative places like to target: Sandakphu circuit, east north sikkim, sohra circuit, tawang circuit, khaiziranga and some more places. Initial Queries: Is this good time to visit in terms of...
  3. dhinchak

    Itinerary for North-East 4 days

    Hi All, I need a itinerary for North-East in January. I am put up in Delhi, and plan to visit some places in North-East from 8th Jan to 13th Jan (both days including). I would like to avoid too much travel due to shortage of time, so I would consider 8th and 13th Jan as reserved days for...