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  1. I

    I got permit for North/East Sikkim and Bhutan for self drive in my private car

    Hello friends, Just return back from self drive trip to East/North Sikkim and Bhutan in my private car from Pune. Big thanks to Yogesh Sarkar and noidea. Without your guidance this would not have been possible. God bless you guys. Now it's time to return back whatever I have taken from this...
  2. I

    North Sikkim Permits for private self drive car

    After completing trip to Ladakh, self drive on my own car to North Sikkim is on my wish list. I have read that only Sikkim registered vehicles get permit for north Sikkim. There is no such rule is mentioned on Sikkim Gov. official website. State Portal, Government of Sikkim, India - Rules and...
  3. spandit

    Mumbai to North Sikkim by Car

    Dear Friends, in December 2016 I undertook a 20 day road trip from Mumbai to North Sikkim and back via Nepal. I am writing this blog to share my experiences on this memorable trip.
  4. Chetan Kulkarni

    Sikkim and Bhutan in November

    Hi All, I have the following plan in mind for Sikkim and Bhutan. The dates will be early November. Day 1: Bagdogra to Pheuntsholing Day 2: Get all permits and proceed to Thimpu. Sightseeing in Thimpu Day 3: Thimpu to Paro via Dochu-La. Overnight at Paro Day 4: Drive to Chele La and come back...
  5. Point Zero

    Drive to North Sikkim to relive the golden pages of my diary

    :cop: Caution !!! To many pictures. This travelogue could appear more of a comparative type because I could not stop myself from pondering over the past times when we have visited the same place around the same time of the year in 2013. Thanks to Sandip (my companion in the bike trip) for...