1. T

    Pune to Northeast - Route suggestions

    Planning for road trip to Northeast in XUV500 in May 19. Need suggestions on which route to take. Pune -> Nagpur -> Raipur -> Kharagpur -> Kolkata -> Siliguri Pune -> Nagpur -> Raipur -> Ranchi -> Siliguri Pune -> Hyderabad -> Vijayawada -> Vizag -> Kolkata -> Siliguri Is it safe to drive in...
  2. D

    Planning a long trip across india... Need help

    Hello everyone, Its been quite a while that i have been thinking about this and now that i can take my time off from work, i am planning a trip across India covering all the states and union territories by car with my wife. I know that covering each and every state/union territory is a huge...
  3. sanuroxz

    The Jewel land of India : Manipur

    Lets me start the thread with some teasers... Each picture below has a strong story ... savior you decide !! i am only done for the day "listen daughter luxury is temporary; hard work is first" cleanliness is next to godliness
  4. sanuroxz

    The so called Most disturbed place in NE : Longding ,Changlang & Tirap

    As a mainlander we used to read such things sitting at home Security forces apprehend two NSCN militants in Arunachal Pradesh In Arunachal Pradesh, the Army owned up to killing an innocent civilian. What happens next? Nagas threaten indefinite strike in Arunachal Pradesh if Centre pays no...
  5. sanuroxz

    Kingdom of Headhunters - Mon, Nagaland

    Before i will start the Log please have a look at the video .. ****Video credit goes to the respective owner.
  6. M

    Need help in planning a trip to Arunachal Pradesh on bike

    Hi, I am back on this forum after a long time. I recall people here really helping me plan some of the best trips of my life. Thanks again to all. I need to plan a trip to Arunachal Pradesh starting April 15th. We plan to take Rajdhani on April 15th, along with the bike, and then proceed...
  7. A

    7 sisters of the north east - help & travel partners

    Hi Everyone, So I am very fresh to this website, unfortunately never knew about this before. I have decided on travelling to the North east this Feb'17 - the whole month. from 4th feb till 10th feb I will be travelling along with a frnd of mine and after that will be going around alone. So i am...
  8. sanuroxz

    ... to the heaven and back

    Day 2 : Roing to Anini Distance : 238 KM Mode : Shared Sumo Time Taken : 10 hours ============================================================================== WTF .... Yes exactly WTF was the feeling... I was travelling in a shared Sumo from Roing to Anini...