pangi valley

  1. Alpha

    Saach Pass – Sa(a)ch me Bahut Mushkil hai

    Saach Pass, commonly referred to as Sach Pass, was a long cherished dream. A dream which began in the year 2012-13. A dream which was shared with Kashish Tandon a.k.a. Mindless Wanderer. We prepared to achieve this dream of crossing the mighty pass and set out in August 2013 to traverse through...
  2. arunkumar19

    Journey to Sach Pass

    Adventures Trip Date : 14-06-2018 to 17-06-2018 5 Friends in Maruti Brezza Route used : Ludhiana-Pathankot-Chamera Lake-Koti-Bairagarh-Sach Pass SachPass-Bairagarh-Koti-Khajiyar-Dalhousie-Pathankot-Ludhiana
  3. chidanand Gonwar

    Ladhak 2.0 June 2017

    First thanks to BCM forum for giving road status and details of places ... i have no experience in travelogues, this is my first post.. Heard of Places like Kishtwar, Killar, Pangi Vally..., Yeh i know most of you have heard and few of you have been there before. Believe me, nothing has...
  4. skysat2005

    Our ride to serenity, Sach Pass - 2017

    Serenity : Dictionary meaning - the absence of mental stress or anxiety; a disposition free from stress or emotion. Well, state of being calm and peaceful means different to different people. For us, it means moving away from the urban clutter for a couple of day to re-establish our connect...
  5. sudhir222

    Licence to Chill - Katooms ride out to Pangi, Ladakh and Himachal

    Flashback: The spy who came in from the cold.. Oct 8, 2016 Darcha, H.P. Tashi took a couple of cranks to wake from his deep slumber. Bagheera(Dilip's ride) is much younger and hence started much easily. That's score one for us on the how-to-be-positive-today card. With both the bikes idling...
  6. sudhir222

    Pangi, Ladakh from Oct 04, 2016 - Queries

    Dear fellas! Been a little over five years since the first L trip and now its time for the pilgrimage again. I know that the time of the year means extreme cold, tried for this month but looks like the mountains like me to see them only in October :P Me and another friend would both be riding...
  7. nndp87

    The Great Escape - Cliffhanger Kashmir / Valleys of Himachal / Mughal Road and much more.

    I was driving on one of the world’s most dangerous road, carefully navigating through the curves, enjoying the landscape and sound of river passing 1000 meters below the road. 50 kilometers took more than 5 hours, still wasn’t tired. Suddenly a vehicle comes from opposite direction with a big...