parashar lake

  1. thefirstthambi

    A Zip Through HP- Spiti-Parashar Lake-Bi

    JLT---yes, it was a'Just Like That kind of a trip! Till a few hours prior to hitting the road, neither had the plan been finalised nor had Deepika's leave been confirmed and for such rightful reasons, we had decided to play the ball on its merit. A late start -and without a camera, any advance...
  2. zma0101

    Last trip on Karizma .. Khajjiyar I Bir Billing I Parashar Lake

    Just to start with .. here's a montage
  3. Alpha

    Himalayan Wanderings: May 2015 - May 2017

    BCM Touring has been a constant part of my life since I joined his forum in January 2010. However for past one year, almost, I had stayed away from it, at times purposefully and while majorly wok pressure did not allowed. Further, health concerns and other issues also consumed my mind space...