pin valley

  1. deepu.bansal87

    Spiti - Second Time- 10 days - What to Focus

    Hi All, I will be again travelling to Spiti from Aug 31st to Sep 10th 2017. Last time I went there in 2015, It was a relaxed trip with no hurries but still missed few important places like Gue Monastery, Dhankar Lake (Tried but could not find :confused:) and most importantly Pin Valley (Road...
  2. M

    Need travel partners 12-19th Aug for Spiti Circuit

    Hi... We are three friends doing the spiti circuit via an SUV from 12-19th Aug 2017. Our route would be Narkanda-Reckong Peo - nako-tabo-pin valley- kaza-key-kibber-kaza-langza-hikkim-komic-losar-kunzum-chandratal-manali. We can take in 2more people(male/female- as we already have a girl in...
  3. Kaushal Sharma

    Travel partners to Spiti Circuit June 14'2017

    Hello mates, I am a solo traveler planning to do Spiti circuit in on bike from 14-23 June 2017. I am looking for travel partner(s) with their own vehicle. I might be accompanied by my two more friends but thats uncertain. If someone is interested then I can provide some more details about the...