1. C

    Advice Needed on travel problems

    What is a bigger travel problem according to you- Discovering a travel place or Planning a trip?
  2. manav verma

    ladhak visitors

    hi I have two questions in my mind---- 1 ) How many bikers are visiting srinagar leh route and let manual route yearly.. winter and summer? 2) What are the common difficulties on these routes like budget stay , budget eateries . mechanics and any other you have experienced?
  3. adsatinder

    Nikon Camera Tips & Tricks, Problems and Solutions

    Share your Tips & Tricks or Problems & Solutions for Nikon Camera. Each company has own types of problems. I am focusing here on Nikon as I have one D3200. Though some problems have same solutions for different brands, we can discus here with our models using. This will help us in future...
  4. N

    Road trip :- Delhi to goa

    Hello, Need your concern on this. Me, my boyfriend with our two friends are planning a road trip to Goa from delhi in car in January. Need to know that will there be any issues in driving from delhi to Goa via road regarding police or any other issues. As it is normal that police will stop a...
  5. eskay

    Large downloads fail on wired LAN but not over wifi!

    I get a link to download a file, say around 450MB. I start the download on my PC connected to the modem via cable and it invariably fails 9.8 times out of 10. I start the same download on my laptop over wifi and the download completes. On the PC I get 1-1.3MB/s download speeds...