1. M

    Pune to Tarkarli Beach Road Conditions

    Hi, I am planning a road trip from Pune to Tarkarli Beach. Pune to Kolhapur route seems straightforward and road conditions also look pretty good. However Kolhapur to Tarkarli looks to be in bad condition. I have following three options: 1. Kolhapur -> Amboli -> Tarkarli 2. Kolhapur ->...
  2. S

    Pune to Indore By Road

    Hello there, I hope all are doing well. I am planning a road trip to Indore (Limbodi) in October 2020 from Pune (Aundh) in my Honda City. We'll be travelling with my 2 year old toddler. Please suggest best route considering : Travel time - considering I am leaving early morning at around 6...
  3. S

    Pune to Indore Route

    Hello there, I hope all are doing well. I am planning a road trip to Indore (Limbodi) in October 2020 from Pune (Aundh) in my Honda City. We'll be travelling with my 2 year old toddler. Please suggest best route considering : Travel time - considering I am leaving early morning at around 6...
  4. A

    Road condition: Pune - Ratnagiri

    Hi, We (family of 3) are planning to visit Ratnagiri in the first week of August. I have short listed two routes: Pune - Umbraj - Chiplun - Ratnagiri (via Kumbharli Ghat) Pune - Karad - Malkapur - Sakharpa - Ratnagiri (via Amba Ghat) Timewise both are similar though gmap shows via Chiplun...
  5. I

    I got permit for North/East Sikkim and Bhutan for self drive in my private car

    Hello friends, Just return back from self drive trip to East/North Sikkim and Bhutan in my private car from Pune. Big thanks to Yogesh Sarkar and noidea. Without your guidance this would not have been possible. God bless you guys. Now it's time to return back whatever I have taken from this...
  6. T

    Pune to Northeast - Route suggestions

    Planning for road trip to Northeast in XUV500 in May 19. Need suggestions on which route to take. Pune -> Nagpur -> Raipur -> Kharagpur -> Kolkata -> Siliguri Pune -> Nagpur -> Raipur -> Ranchi -> Siliguri Pune -> Hyderabad -> Vijayawada -> Vizag -> Kolkata -> Siliguri Is it safe to drive in...
  7. S

    Pune - Kanyakumari-Kerala-Pune trip (Assistance needed)

    Hi Fellow BCMtians, I am planning a road trip to Kanyakumari and Kerala starting from Pune, with my family (Wife, 5 yr old kid and Mother). I have chalked out a high level plan as below. Need your inputs on following points 1> Places to see 2> Any hotel recommendation (Budget ard 3000) 3>...
  8. G

    Bike Trip from Bangalore to Gujarat and Back 11 Days 5100KM

    Hello Friends, I recently had a bike trip from Bangalore to Gujarat and Back to Bangalore from 23rd Dec 2017 to 2nd Jan 2018. Sharing the itenary i followed Always start early morning 23-Dec Bengaluru-->Kolhapur (620KM) Road awesome Started around 4AM from Bangalore and Reached Kolhapur...
  9. A

    Pune to Hampi Road Status

    There are lots of reviews available and google suggest solapur-Bijapur route is shorter. However I would like to know 1) Which route is better via Kolhapur or Solapur? 2) How are the road conditions from Hubli to hospet and Solapur to Bijapur? 2) How long will it take travel from Pune - Hampi...
  10. arvind2267

    Pune to Dapoli - Route Options and Road Condition

    Hello, I am planning to drive down to Dapoli from Pune around the Christmas weekend. Need inputs on the road condition for the various route options. 1. via Tamhini Ghat 2. via Bhor Ghat 3. via Mahabaleshwar Inputs from folks who might have used these routes recently would be useful! Thanks...
  11. I

    Best route: Pune to Khajuraho

    Hello friends. I have planned Pune to Khajuraho to Bhedaghat trip in coming Christmas holiday. I want to restrict daily self drive travel to 600Kms. Please suggest best road (for faster travel) route from Pune.
  12. joshinmartin

    Delhi Kerala Trip Help Needed

    Hi Brothers.. I'm new here .... We (me & wife) planning a trip to Kerala from delhi starting on December 16. we almost did backend works.. Bike: Dominar 400 Route: Gurgaon > Udaipur > Vadodara > Pune> Goa (stay 1 day) > Mysore > Kerala We will be taking most of NH48. Please help me if this...
  13. Hemant M Bhat

    MSRTC ''ShivShahi''

    ''ShivShahi'' category was launched in Jan 2016 by Maharashtra's Transport Minister in Mumbai, but the new fleet of AC buses were yet to be procured then. The ''ShivShahi'' AC bus services are promised to be cheaper than the existing MSRTC's premium ''Shivneri'' brand of high-end Volvo/Scania...
  14. Black Rider

    Pune- Kas Pathar

    2am of just another Friday night it was, when two of my drunk flatmates chanted to do Pune darshan then. Sober Me it was to think rationally, and desired to undertake something non repetitive. Scenic places from all sides of Pune were brought up and shot down immediately, as they had been...
  15. S

    Genuine engine oil shops in Pune

    Hello everyone I am new to BCM touring ( new to touring too for that matter ). I bought a new bike today( and my first)- Avenger 220 street. While I am itching to go full throttle on my bike, I intend to religiously follow the break-in procedure. One of the things I was concerned about...
  16. A

    Pune to Tadoba

    Hi, I plan to drive to Tadoba from Pune in the second week of June. Hopefully monsoon would not have started its usual self. I would be driving Tata Safari with 4 other friends. Here is the tentative route I have decided: Pune - Nagar - Aurangabad - Jalna - Mehkar - Karanja - Wardha...
  17. A

    2017 Pune Jabalpur road status

    Hi, I am planning to travel to Jabalpur from Pune in the month of April, and need some help to plan the route. In some earlier threads people have suggested to go via Nagpur, but want to know if going via Indore would be better, as Pune Indore road is very good from what I hear. Can someone...
  18. harshad.bondre

    Need help in planning itinerary

    Hello Everyone.. First of all, kudos to all the members of BCMT for providing such valuable information to fellow travelers. Went through almost all the solo ride travelogues on BCMT and chalked out a plan for Zanskar & Ladakh for June - July 2017. Now, this time I will be riding my new KTM...
  19. torquedos

    The Pune Punter