rajasthan road trip

  1. CADA

    A road trip to Rajasthan..

    The beginning: While I had a very hectic office schedule in December, the need for a vacation was always on the cards. Since, the office workload was to subside in January, 2019, I was looking for some place to spend a couple of days at peace with the family. I love snow and the winter season...
  2. N

    Rajasthan Trip

    Hello All, I am planning to do Rajasthan circuit in November with a tentative plan as below: -Route via Gurgaon-Bikaner-Jaisalmer-Jodhpur-Jaipur-Gurgaon -Travelling by Vitara Breeza with wife and kid (20 months old) -Tentative dates and Itinerary (18 Nov till 23 Nov) Day From To...
  3. Prateek Traveller

    Trails of a Lone Rider - Rajasthan calling

    A teaser travel video to start with :tonqe: Travelogue coming soon.....