riding gears

  1. tusharxtreme

    Tarmac Street Riding Boots

    Hi guys, A small unboxing video of the Tarmac riding boots which I received two days back. The Boots seems durable, haven't taken it out for a ride still, Build quality is good. Ordered Online from Bachoo Motors and received it in 3 days. Cost of Boots is 4999 INR but currently available at a...
  2. IceAge

    Cramster Drifter The Knee Guard

    This review will help all those who are looking for a Knee Gaurd in budget range which is equivalent to big price gaurds. Last year I was searching for best Knee Gaurd in budget range of Rs 1000 - 3000. But din't find any review of any of the knee gaurds in BCMT or internet. My friends were...
  3. Harishhari

    Riding jacket suggestion

    Hi Everyone, I'm a newbie to this forum. I'm planning to visit Leh in June and July part by taxi, part by motorbike (driving around Leh, Nubra and Pangong). I have a lightweight cold jacket I use in NY which is somewhat sufficient in cold weather along with another sweater however it does not...
  4. IceAge

    Cramster - Blaster Street Gloves

    As much as Riding Jacket is required for a riding, Gloves are also important. Previously I use to use Probiker Golves which initally riders use to get accustome too. I finalised the CRAMSTER BLASTER STREET GLOVES!! This finalisation was bases on research etc. After later mind won by the looks...
  5. IceAge

    Rynox Air GT Riding Jacket Review

    Hi BCMTians.... I will be giving my review over Rynox's most affordable riding jacket RYNOX AIR GT. You can buy it online from their website http://www.rynoxgears.com/index.php/products/riding-jacket.html Once i thought why don't I buy a riding jacket ? It will be much better than wearing an...