road trips from mumbai

  1. R

    Mumbai-Rameshwaram-Pondicherry-Mumbai December 25 to Jan 1 - Possible?

    Dear All, I am planning a Drive from Mumbai to Rameshwaram during this Christmas vacation and want to include Pondicherry if possible. I will be travelling with 4-5 friends and I will be the only driver hence I prefer daytime driving only. Will avoid visiting crowded holy places which require...
  2. Anirbanbhattacharyya

    Mira Road to Jaisalmer by i10 Grand Sportz

    Guys, This is my first post could call me an amateur roadie...have done a few road trips from Mumbai to Goa, Mahabaleshwar, Ratlam. I am planning for a trip down to Jaisalmer from Thane on October 7th. It will be max a 6 days tour. Wanted some tips on the same as well how do I break...