1. D

    Accidents in India

    HI, I just saw a video of how an accident could have been averted but impatient or unskilled driver ensured accident took place. I thought it is time we create a thread to compile the incidents. This thread can be used to narrate near miss accidents. At the end of the video you can see...
  2. V


    Hello, I have planned for a road trip starting from Hyderabad->Nagpur->Bhopal->Jhansi->Delhi->Manali ->Shimla->Agra->Bhopal->Hyderabad starting on 15 Dec 2017 by Ford Aspire sedan. with 4 adults & 2 kids. will be starting from hyderabad around 05:00 PM after office. (will be starting with wife...
  3. V

    Indore to goa -

    I had been to goa from indore on a road trip, few years back . The route I took was indore- Dhule - shirdi-ahmadnagar- pune - this time I want to explore different route and want to take NH66 as I believe that is more scenic how is the road condition and where should I take the stopover. I...
  4. jjamwal

    Bus options for Delhi-Shimla-Sarhan

    I plan on taking a night bus from Delhi to Shimla. Then a bus from Shimla to Sarhan. What are my options ? websites has a Saraha not Saahan. Will Jeori work ? Even then the website keeps on giving some errors every now and then making it extremely difficult...
  5. D

    Nagpur to Hyderabad Road status

    Planning to bring Hyundai Eon from Nagpur to Hyderabad. Can anyone confirm the most recent road status and where i should be more careful. Heard a lot about roads between Hinganghat and Adilabad.
  6. earthian

    Could i have some help, please?

    Uttrakhand has mesmerised me. Having spent an idyllic 11 days in Ranikhet, the beautiful and pristine surroundings, coupled with the invigorating environment has got to me. I am hooked. Reading a TR of a fellow BCMer further intensified the craving of jumping in the car and heating North again...
  7. Yash Bohra

    Chandigarh to Manali Ride Sharing

    Hi there, I am traveling from Chandigarh to Manali on the 10th of October. I am looking to share a taxi ride with other travelers. (I hate buses) Please let me know if anyone is interested. Whatsapp: 9769835259
  8. pranaymeher

    Mumbai To South India Solo Road-trip

    Day 1 – The Boring Highway 12th December, 2015 Mumbai – Belgaum (525 kms) Five months of planning, long discussions with south Indian friends in office, countless travel blogs on and reading a travel book on India, that’s what it took me to finalize this trip. And in...
  9. jagdish_patil43

    Leh Trip From Mumbai (17th June to 1st July)

    We are planning leh trip which will start on 17th June from Mumbai and will end at 1st July at Chandigarh. I have shared plan here. Request you to provide your views. There will be 4 people on 2 Bikes (Classic 350). Need your guidence for the same. 1) We are looking for Ladakh Carrier. Where...
  10. atulahuja82

    Route/Stay Suggestions: Delhi to Goa to Mangalore

    I am planning a motorcycle ride from Delhi to Goa for IBW and then onwards to Mangalore. It would be great if anyone can suggest with the route, road condition, hotels on the entire route. I will be riding a Triumph Daytona, so road conditions are absolutely important for me. Don't want to break...