1. A

    Nagpur Alwar road suggestion?

    Which road is better to travel from Nagpur to Alwar. 1. Nagpur - Chhindwara - Gwalior - Bharatpur - Alwar 2. Nagpur - Betul - Bhopal - Madhopur - Dausa - Alwar
  2. Rohan Bhadgaonkar

    Motorcycle Ride from Chandigarh to Manali and..... Suggestions?!

    I am planning to ride to Manali from Chandigarh on 9th November until 18th November. Was planning to ride to Manali and from there to Dharamshala, though it seems quite a back track. Could someone suggest me : 1. Route to Manali and possible stops with good food 2. From Manali where can we...
  3. Vivek__Singh

    Road Trip from Vizag to Allahabad

    Hello Folks, I am planning to drive from Vizag to Allahabad. Please suggest me possible routes . I found these options-- 1. Vizag>Vizianagram>Koraput>Jagdalpur>Raipur Raipur>Shahdol>Allahabad 2.Vizag>Bhubaneswar>Asansol>Varanasi>Allahabad Which one would be better? What is road condition ? If...
  4. Suneesh Sharma

    Happy Independence Day and Janamashtami at Parashar, HP

    It was a while since I touched hills and after some ups and downs in personal life, a much awaited journey was a must. This time we chose to hit Parvati valley area including Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara, kasol, Tosh and finally Parashar. Hills have their own charm in monsoons and rightly we were...
  5. S

    Chennai to Rameshwaram including other destinations

    Hello friends , We are group of 5 who plan to travel from Chennai to Rameshvaram and also include the Shiva Pancha Bhoota Sthalam temples during the same trip . We start on 21st morning and intend to return by 23rd evening . Please help in forming a route plan according to the best road...