1. DeepikaNitin

    Kashmir Road trip with a baby!

    Hi All, I have been a member of BCMTouring for a long time now and this forum has helped me in picking out best locations always. All the tips, guidance that comes along is extremely helpful as well. I have taken numerous trips with friends and family in past few years however never really got...
  2. N

    Exhilarating roadtrip from Mumbai to Coorg with my favourites (Dec 2019)

    ROADTRIP - one word that rings a bell and your heart is elated like a kid. And I finally got a chance to make good of this in December 2019. The Ultimate Loop Planning Roadtrips are an excellent opportunity to explore cities, towns, villages and sceneries which otherwise we miss out during...
  3. gauravtalan

    Kinnaur & Spiti Roadtrip with a 2 year old baby

    We often ponder and worry if we should take our little ones (as young as 2 year olds) to high altitude destinations. I hope this travelogue will help many parents who are in a similar dilemma and want to travel to places like Ladakh and Spiti with thier young kids. We travelled to Spiti with our...
  4. V

    Lahaul Spiti 2018

    Hi Yogesh, Could you provide your suggestions on the below itinerary?
  5. arunvlogger

    Roadtrip to the Ruins of Hampi from Mumbai

    'The only impossible journey is the one you never begin' Every single time life puts a set of challenges in front of me, i know that i just need to place the first move and rest will start unfolding by itself. And with that thought, I revved my first-ever 'SOLO Roadtrip' with my compass set...
  6. M

    Road Trip: Mumbai - Gujarat: 1968kms in 3 days

    Diwali weekend did an drive from Mumbai to Gujarat and covered 1968 kms in 3 days. Road condition report as below: Day 1: Mumbai – Vapi – Vadodara – Anand – Kheda – Bagodara – Limdi – Chotila – Rajkot – Gondal – Sultanpur – Meghapipalya: NH48 & NH64 till kheda is excellent then to SH16 is an 2...
  7. S

    Roadtrip to Ladakh - June/July 2017

    Ladakh Roadtrip 2017 Travelogue A big thanks to Yogesh Sir for his guidance on trip itinerary and tips. Introduction Who? : 1 Couple from Bangalore; 1 Couple from Mumbai How? : XUV 500 When? : 21 June - 07 July 2017 Cost? : Rs. 20,000 per head all inclusive (Yes, that’s possible)...
  8. Leo Pandey

    Anjarle Dapoli Beach !! Pristine !! No Tourists !! Dhamaal !!

    Hey BCM Tourers, Back again with another log for a ride we did from Mumbai to Anjarle Beach (Dapoli) 600 kmsof pure madness. We had 9 Bikes & a Car for this trip & it turned out to be the best ride so far, because this is the 4th time we have been to this place. We do an Annual trip at the...
  9. sporadic

    Elusive Munsiyari, Finally!

    A place mentioned in whispers A dream dreamt in silence A journey stuck your consciousness A destination that seemed out of reach and then magic happened ...
  10. Shiva Sharma

    Delhi to South India By Road Jan 2017.

    Hello evryone, I am planning this trip in Coming Jan 2017 with my 2 brother on VERNA crdi 2012. We 3 are good driver. This Trip is Close To my heart. Looking here for experts to throw light on itinerary and route condition with some guidance (especially down south) on route and some of things to...
  11. parbhakar

    Delhi to Goa unforgettable Road Trip With my Grandy

    Road Trip always excite and thrills you \\:D/, when you :-k thinking about a place to explore and i also one of them who thinking the same :supz: and also this is my first travelog here after the joining BCM Touring so its a first time to write anything here if you find anything wrong in the...
  12. rohitbhat

    Pondicherry Chronicles

    Month of May was never ever a good time to travel South India. Why? i) Monsoon approaching, ii) Killer heat and very humid weather. But my friend still wanted to ride all the way and come back from Mumbai. 1) The long awaited plan, finally comes into effect. 2) An accident on first day...
  13. guds2k

    Mumbai to Leh(24th June to 9th July)

    Hi, This is my first post here and I would like to thank you all for sharing all of your experiences and knowledge. Me, along with my wife and a friend would be leaving for Leh from Mumbai on 24th June in our car(Swift ZDI). After doing a lot of research online, we came out with the below...
  14. M

    Advice Needed: Road Trip (car) To LEH (June 2016)

    Hi All, After years of drooling over travelogues and pictures of fellow member; have finally been able to sort the much awaited experience of getting 'LEH'ed. With taxi union banning the self-rentals cars; and flying to LEH doesn't excite much; I have decided to take my low slung sedan to...
  15. RKReloaded

    2016 - Haridwar to Kedarnath

    Hi Everyone, I am planning to do a Road trip to Kedarnath from Bangalore in a Sedan in the month of June. However till I reach Haridwar, it should not be a worry, as it's a National Highway. Beyond that, I am not sure. how the roads are. Any kind of information is appreciated. Thanks, Kedarnag
  16. shashwat6493

    Ujjain Simhastha 2016

    As per the Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu, while transporting the elixir of life (amrit) in a kumbha (pot) dropped drops of it at four places– Haridwar, Nashik, Allahabad, and Ujjain. And hence started the Mahakumbh or Simhastha in which millions of devotees take a holy dip in the rivers at these...
  17. Dev Dahiya

    Self Drive to Leh

    Anyone travelling to Leh on 28th may?
  18. Dev Dahiya

    Travelling to Leh-ladakh

    Hello everyone, Any issues if the car I am driving to Ladakh (private vehicle) isn't registered in my name? Looking to trade my Honda City with a friends ecosport for this trip.
  19. rohitbhat

    Pondicherry Queries

    Hi everyone, Travel dates : May 28th(Friday) to June 5th(Sunday) Two of us are planning to visit Pondicherry on resp. dates given above from Mumbai. We will be travelling by motorcycle. I am aware about the weather at the given period of time, but it doesn't matter. ~:What all places one must...