1. Roxx

    Help identify cable, tvs apache 200 4v

    Hello friends, could someone tell me what is this cable for? i checked bike's parts catalogue and it's drawings, but its not in there. See the image, the cable I need to identify is in the box drawn. I haven't yet tried to disconnect and see what happens.. Thanks.. maybe I will disconnect it...
  2. Roxx

    Unplanned Malshej Ghat & Nane Ghat, August 2019.

    Hi everyone, Malshej was on my mind... well, there are plently places on my mind.. my bike & me, we were much thirsty of a ride & adventure.. and there came 4 days of office holiday, 15th aug - 18 aug 2019. plus i got 2 leaves extra passed from office: 19aug & 20 aug 2019. now i had 6days total...
  3. Roxx

    Free halt/stay for bikers riding to/from Leh/Himachal..! (Private Room in Ahmedabad)

    Hello everyone... Roxx here from Ahmedabad, just renovated my room, got new tiles and so.. and i am thinking to help bikers by providing free stay or night halt at my home. I will try to provide free breakfast too, but cant promise as of now. Well, here it goes: -Room is on 1st floor with small...