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  1. IJS

    My RE Interceptor 650 - "Sirius"

    “SIRIUS” - The Brightest star in the sky Warning :-Another lamest ever ownership review below. Lets start with the boring stuff. (Can skip to the Technical specification part) My riding life was going very smoothly and fine with the Dominar satisfying my needs to the T. My riding is currently...
  2. M

    Michelin Sirac Street 110/90 tubeless tyre touching issue for Classic 350

    Hi All, Recently I have changed my classiC 350 rear tyre with Michelin Sirac Street tubeless and had very bad experience because it's touching somewhere ,may be mudguard or swing arm . Asked to RE mechanic and he try to fix it by widing the mudguard and taken bike spring one level up. But still...
  3. Prateek Traveller

    'RE EFI precheck lights not going off

    Hi friends, I own a bs4 model classic desert storme. Recently I have found that on turning on the ignition key the precheck EFI light goes on but Does not switch off. But as soon as I start the engine it goes off. The whinning sound of fuel pump on switching on the ignition key does come and...
  4. asheshr

    Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

    Lets put all the Royal Enfield Continental GT 750 news and views in this thread Hear how it sounds like.
  5. Yogesh Chauhan

    Which Fog lamps for Royal Enfield Classic 350 and how to install?

    Hi All, I am regular rider of Royal Enfield Classic 350. I love Classic 350 however, I would like to install some good quality Fog Lamps by not affecting the performance of RF. Here are some queries which I would like to ask before taking any decision. Is it a good decision to install 'fog...
  6. P

    Motorcycle Trip to Leh Ladakh in June 2017

    I planned with couple of my friends for a 2 Weeks Leh Ladakh motorcycle trip in May end. As passes are not open yet so postponed the same to June 2017. I do not have 100% confirmation from my friends yet. I will be riding a Royal Enfield Classic 500 and looking for partners for this trip. We...
  7. ak72

    Ride to Kausani, Munsiyari & Kasardevi from Delhi

    Hi Friends Finally did Munsiyari, a long pending trip, in my bucket list on my RE TB 350. I was accompanied by my colleague Harsh, on a Avenger Street 220. The planned iternary was 9th Feb - Delhi to Kausani 10th Feb - Kausani to Munsiyari 11th Feb - Munsiyari to Kasardevi 12th Feb -...
  8. C

    2009 Royal Enfield Classic Efi 500 Starting Problem In California

    HELLO FRIENDS .i have a royal enfield classic efi 500. and from last week ,am unable to start by bike at all , i charged battery to full , and when i press start switch it cranks tries to start but not starting , fuel tank is full .fuel pump relay clicks and fuel pump make turning on noice ...
  9. Vik4290

    Bullet 500 a.k.a. Bullet पांच 100 (Ownership)

    Disclaimer: Please Ignore typo mistakes. Hello BcmTouring as some of you know that I have booked a Royal Enfield bike few days back and Today I am here share my experience of Delivery process of Bike review of Royal Enfield Showroom FALCON Royal Enfield, Yamunanagar and my 1st ride experience...
  10. tusharxtreme

    The Middle Land- Spiti,June 2016, Video Log

    Hi Bcmtian's, Starting with a Video Log of the journey to the "Middle Land". Will be uploading videos of the Journey undertaken to the Spiti valley Circuit in June 2016. So here is the Day 2 of the Spiti Circuit. Part-1 Rampur to Kazigs Part-2 Kazigs to Nako Would be Updating as an...
  11. Gunasegar Mani

    Ruffian - Royal Enfield Classic 350 Chestnut

    Ruffian - My RE Diaries - RE Classic 350 New arrival: The thinking of getting one RE is clicked way back in 2010 when i having Bajai Discover 125cc bike. Years passed away and the dream getting bigger and bigger. In the 2013 when I got married thinking of buying one RE, again plan failed...
  12. M

    Brand New Royal Enfield Classic -350 Right Side Pulling

    Hi Everyone, I have got a new RE Classic 350.From the day of delivery i had noticed that the bike had right side pulling when i take both hands off the handle bar. I contacted the Service Center;the next morning i took the bike to them.I was informed that it was an issue with front tyres and...
  13. rajithcherian

    Royal Enfield Himalayan | Fuel Starvation | Quick Fix

    The carb float bowl vent pipe is long and sketchy. The chances of it getting pressed or partially blocked is pretty high. This will cause fuel starvation at high speeds. This video will address this issue.
  14. naveenchhillar

    Headlamp for Classic 500 ?

    Friends, I have a C5 from past 6 years. Offlate, I have observed that the headlamp quality has reduced a bit. Can you guys suggest me a good headlamp that I can order online & then, install it. Requirements: 1. Don't need a White Light Lamp, as it created nuisance for vehicles from opposite...
  15. S

    Need help in choosing RE bikes?

    I am planning to buy Royal Enfield bike but confused with classic 350 or Thunderbird 350 .My daily commuting distance is 15 to 20 km and my height is 6.2 feet which one is more comfortable for me?
  16. R

    RE Electra 350 or Classic 350 ???

    First of all My greetings to all the Bulletzade here...Long live RE, Long Live Bullet Lovers :supz: Well today I heard about this website on YouTube while searching in-depth reviews about RE. The thing is I'm in love with this Beauty since the first time i saw it. I never thought of any other...
  17. torquedos

    The Pune Punter

  18. Anuj Jindal

    Need Saddle Bag and crash guards for Royal Enfield Himalayan

    Please suggest which saddle bag fits properly on Royal Enfield Himalayan. Also looking to get leg gaurd / crash guard for hiamalayan.
  19. shubh Anshuman

    Dream Leh - Ladakh Expedition _ June'16

    Julley, My name is Shubh Anshuman. I want to present a dream that I lived during the Summer of 16. Its a story of 5 stranger who followed a simple therepy of Ride-Eat-Sleep-Repeat in the terrains of Ladakh and became brothers. O:) DOJ : 25th June'16 to 5th July'16...
  20. Y

    Bhutan Ride on Oct 2016

    Hey Travelers, Am from bangalore and planning for ride to Bhutan on Oct last week. I would need few info like itinerary for 10days. How do we take our bike from Bangalore and so ? I also wanted to know if any one interested with this ride to join us. Please help me out. Thanks.