1. harmeet_randhawa

    Need help Engine problem RTR 180

    I have 2012 model Apache RTR 180. I had replaced the clutch plates of my bike 600km ago and two days ago I drained the oil and it was black and very less (around 300ml). When changing the clutch plates also the oil drained was around 300ml in bad condition. I got it checked and the mechanic says...
  2. Raakeysh Sharma

    Goa in July

    Planning for Goa in July 1-4 with 4 friends. Reaching Goa on 1st July afternoon therefore need to know following:- 1. Best & cheap place to stay with rates. 2. We will hire scooter or bike for local travelling. Cost of hiring bike etc. 3. Best,clean & uncrowded beaches to visit to feel the goa...