1. pankaj2011

    A tale of Rudra

    Ever since Covid had bogged us down, I was itching to do a trek, but something or the other always played spoilsport to my plans. Finally this year in August (11th - 13th), I was able to do the Rudranath trek and pay my obeisance to Lord Rudranath. The journey was from Noida > Gopeshwar >...
  2. Himalayan Hermit

    Advice/Help: Trek From Rudranath to Nandikund > Madhyamaheshwar

    Hi all We are a couple (avid trekkers) planning on doing Rudranath > Nandikund > Madhyamaheshwar > back to Ransi. I'm looking for suggestions from anyone who has done this route. I have Rudranath covered, but I am not finding much info. on the trail from Rudranath to Nandikund to...