1. mahapatra.prabhanjan

    What is the Road status from Rameswaram to Dhanuskodi?

    Hi Friends, While researching for one of the road trips to Rameswaram. I thought off to drive to Dhanuskodi with beaches on both side. But as we all know after the cyclone of 1964, Dhanuskodi turned into a Ghost town, with no connectivity. Only the 4 wheel drives are allowed to drive there...
  2. born2lead

    Ride to "Hel" and back :P

    Finally it’s the first long warm weekend of the year. The weather forecast says it’s a perfect setup to ride out. The city I live in (Wroclaw, Poland) is quite close to mountain ranges. It just takes about an hour – hour and a half to get to some of the nearest ones. However this time it was...