self drive

  1. kulshresthazone

    Dream Trip - East coast to west coast

    Travelling bug bit me in 2010, when I went through his ladhak travel logs. Post then travelled regularly to lower the itch to bearable level. I have been planning to do coastal trip , they never got implemented. Due to covid there came an opportunity to work from home and then the trip planning...
  2. R

    Self Drive Car for Delhi-Ladakh-Delhi

    Hi, I am Planning for a road trip from Delhi To Ladakh and back during October 2018. I would need a self drive SUV from Delhi, preferably a White Board car to avaoid any trouble for traveling locally Ladakh. Can i get suggestions. it would be really helpful. Rohan
  3. A

    Summer 2017 Roadtrip -Land of The Thunder Dragon

    Hi Everyone, My very first post here. We just concluded a 10 day road trip to Bhutan two days ago. I would like to share the experience in as much detail as possible. Information on Bhutan is sketchy and dated on forums more so from a road trip perspective,on that note I would like to thank...
  4. Woman Motorist Me

    Driving a hired car to the Land of the Flying Tigress

    The country we visited has been given many names. The Last Paradise. The Land of the Thunder Dragon. The Land of Happiness. What fascinated me the most about this country is it's legend about Guru Rinpoche taking the form of Dorje Drolo with his consort transforming herself into a tigress...
  5. RedBahadur

    Mumbai - Leh, Aug-Sept'16, Self Drive

    Planning to drive down to Leh from Mumbai around 25-Aug and get back by 15-Sept. Any one else driving down and wanting to team up as a convoy for the entire / part of the route?
  6. Dev Dahiya

    Self Drive to Leh

    Anyone travelling to Leh on 28th may?
  7. Pankaj Zarekar

    North India itinerary help- UK/HP

    Hi, We would be doing a North India road trip after June this year. We will be traveling in 2 XUVs (each has odo reading ~15k), 4 drivers (2 of them are primary with ability to drive for 500-600km on highways per day, remaining 2 are as backup those can be used to relieve primary ones for...
  8. Darshil Jhaveri

    Self Drive Vehicle Rental for Delhi to Leh

    My friends and I are preparing for a road trip in July. We're planning to rent a SUV from Delhi on Selfdrive option. Probably a Tata Safari 4WD. Can you advise me IF we will be allowed to travel internally in Leh with a Black Number Plate? Also Can you please advise the tools or things we must...