1. sajalsheth

    Umling La Pass

    Hello Everybody, My Name is SAJAL SHETH, 56 I am from Cuttack , Odisha. I ride Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS. I did Umling La Pass on 27th May 2022 on my SOLO ride to Zanskar and Umling La Pass. This will be basically a "picture-logue" with short narrations only. Here are some highlights... Enjoy it:)...
  2. Sam231276

    My Ladakh Trip | September 2021

    PROLOGUE - Ever since am into Motorcycle Touring, I have always been asked by different people from time to time - "Have you ever been to Ladakh" ? Till this trip, my answer has been a NO from my end, followed by a troll / astonishment from the other side with an underlying question - "Ladakh...
  3. H

    My video of motorcycle travel in Kyrgyzstan

    Hello everyone, A while ago I traveled through Central Asia on my motorbike. From the footage I sometimes edit a video. I just made one about Kyrgyzstan: The videos are in Dutch with English subtitles available. I hope this is not too big of a problem. Enjoy! Greets, Haye
  4. B

    15 days in december end (solo)

    Hello guys, I am back :) I have about 2-3 weeks off from december 20 till jan 10. I can travel entire 3 weeks or just 10 days. What are some good solo travel places both India and outside India? Budget is not a constraint but trip should be relaxing and satisfying. I love mountains (but not...
  5. Prateek Traveller

    Jaipur Udaipur by road

    Hello fellas, I am planning a solo road trip from my hometown gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh to Jaipur udaipur and ajmer shareef in Rajasthan on my classic 500 desert storme. Can someone pls suggest a suitable itinerary via lucknow and agra. The places to visit and the must have items to carry...
  6. A

    Anybody travelling to ladakh from Delhi via srinagar route on Sept 13?

    Hi guys, I am a solo rider, leaving to Delhi today and tomorrow from Delhi am planning to rent a bike and travel to leh via srinagar and complete the circuit back to Delhi by manali route. Anybody travelling on this particular dates?
  7. Neeraj Gulia

    Photolog - solo ride: Chandigarh -> Narkanda -> Jibhi -> Tosh -> Chandigarh

    Posting after a long long time. Did three days solo ride, to re-live the 2010 ride ( 24 - 26 June 2017 Day 1: Chandigarh -> Narkanda -> Kingal -> Anni -> Jallori Pass -> Jibhi Day 2: Jibhi -> Aut -> Bhunter ->...
  8. A

    7 sisters of the north east - help & travel partners

    Hi Everyone, So I am very fresh to this website, unfortunately never knew about this before. I have decided on travelling to the North east this Feb'17 - the whole month. from 4th feb till 10th feb I will be travelling along with a frnd of mine and after that will be going around alone. So i am...
  9. A

    Solo Backpacking to Chitkul

    Hi, I am planning a solo backpacking trip to Chitkul next weekend. Need help regarding itinerary and lodging. I am planning to leave Delhi on 21st Oct (evening) via bus. 1. First of all, is it advisable to visit chitkul during 21- 25 Oct? 2. I have this itinerary in mind. Is this reasonable...
  10. P

    Leh in June 2017

    2 friends planned a Leh trip in June 2017.. We have flights tickets to Delhi and reaching on the 16th of June to delhi Taking the night volvo to Manali..Reaching Manali on the 17th June. Taking the taxi to Leh 18th June (Taxi suggestions and approx cost needed strictly for budgeting) Places to...
  11. RedBahadur

    Mumbai - Leh, Aug-Sept'16, Self Drive

    Planning to drive down to Leh from Mumbai around 25-Aug and get back by 15-Sept. Any one else driving down and wanting to team up as a convoy for the entire / part of the route?
  12. A

    Suggestions for solo travel to the Himalayas

    Hello Everyone! Need some suggestions around places and activities for a solo trip I have planned for myself in September. I have decided to quit my so called high-flying job and take a chance with life. It's too short to waste just like that. Hence, the idea of undertaking a solo trip to meet...
  13. Sahrawat

    Churdhar ; Lesser but not the least

    It was nightfall, the last twilight disappeared behind the horizon, it’s was going to be pitch dark; I was above the tree line but not at the top where I intended to go. Chilling winds were biting cold at this altitude where I was standing all alone without a torch & without a direction. I had...
  14. Ankur003

    Solo | Backpacking | Japan

    Japan has been high on my check list from last one year. Unique culture, historic architecture, and natural beauty was enticing enough and finally I decided to bite the bait. I had already missed the famous Japanese autumn season so I had opportunity to visit during Cherry Blossom (Sakura)...
  15. pranaymeher

    Mumbai To South India Solo Road-trip

    Day 1 – The Boring Highway 12th December, 2015 Mumbai – Belgaum (525 kms) Five months of planning, long discussions with south Indian friends in office, countless travel blogs on and reading a travel book on India, that’s what it took me to finalize this trip. And in...
  16. castus

    असीम (Boundless)

    In our society, it is not that easy for a woman, living with her family, to attempt a solo trip. Especially when the itinerary included some very remote villages in the Kashmir valley. Something no regular tourist will ever imagine doing. This is a chronicle of one unplanned and barefoot trip to...
  17. vaibhav_arora

    Kolhapur, Ratnagiri, Ganapatipule and beyond – A monsoon solo.

    In an obscure corner of my mind, when cobwebs of depressive thoughts form slowly during long periods of lassitude, sometimes there’s the proverbial ray of hope – a desire to escape, to go to places unseen - that a change of place will ''start me up'' over again. Travel anywhere in this great...